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Thursday, July 17, 2008

a good night out

king tiger.. don mess

kickboxing starts last night. after weeks of lacking of exercise, i got tired really quickly yesterday.after throw a few set of jap and cross. guess.. those philipines socials event don help the cause either. oh well, got a new trainer. some girl name, dude.

after that had dinner around 11 at sirah. nasi goreng USA. its been a while! how i miss u. although the price increase and its not as tasty as before. but what the heck. instead of the charlie's fried rice in manila, its a good change, not saying that charlie's is bad.

well after those work out during kickboxing, i don think it can instantly help me for the pool party tmw night. ( tak ada packs.. malu ar!)

den meisiem sms ask if want to catch movie with her "mr", kelvin.

we catch batman:the dark knight. i have to say it is quite a good show, and heath ledger potray the joker character really really really well. its so twisted the character which looks like very real.

ends at 3 am.. and we went old town to have a drink till 5 because some ppl need go pray.and yet still makan bak kut teh. sigh... ppl today just too complicated. :P

chat with prae till 7 till i accidentally doze off. which in result that i missed out the tutorial and the lecture, and also the meeting for the assignment. sorry fellas...

well, i know we got our differences before. heck it happens sometimes, frens argue. but i guess, how you move on with life from that moment on. either you make things better, or just let is sour. i dont really want to jinx it, but m glad, from those episode at melaka, we all can flip to a new page :D

*** thinking back, how i met Ching, who studying in Australia. and how she say she was born in Malaysia and her dad from Taiping. but she left malaysia since 8? how FINE! Australia did for her. wonder if she would look that fly, if she would stay at a place where they are known only for the Zoo,which is sad... probably look like one of those monkey. ( ok fine! i just did this to annoy kok jin :P, but Ching is a real person tho)

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