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Friday, July 25, 2008

mojo jojo

don you just hate people with multiple talent? and they will go, "OH am not good at it" heheheh, m just being green and kidding, the envy kind.but its all good. well, this is some of the art work of a friend, prae. too bad she is taking finance, not so arts things. "i consider myself good when i am paid to do something"-prae

kangaroo jack

when is taking her break from her exam and she come out with:

mr yours trully :D looks like me huh? except for the hair part that hasn't completed yet.

*wonder if i will get it when she come down to kl*

trying to temp me when am hungry..

her creation of "merengues"

personal fav: only available @ bangkok. white choc mud cake! ( lapar wei!)

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