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Thursday, July 31, 2008

it's o-kai

Well open up your mind and see like me ,

Open up your plans and damn you're free ..

" its o-kai" - danni. i thought of copying her philipino " ok" just to annoy my friends back home. apparently that din't happen. but it gets into me instead. *touch wood* i know everytime i blog about something, it turns out the opposite, so i just don't want to jinx it. but after returning from Manila, i noticed lots of changes. its feels like i left, and during the period am there, Malaysia or most the people that i know, go through some ultra sonic paced, and change. a LOT. but the good thing is, they change for good. so its all good. some, would go out more, instead of caging themself in the room after class. some would think more mature-ly, some have finally approach some girls, though some might not change a lil, still happy go lucky. thus, feeling a positive vibe around is all good.

about 45 mins more to class.. i haven't got a nap yet. oh well, reports are reports, the dateline are set, i have a week, and exams shall not be an excuse. and good to know that i've complete it. though it might cost me my beauty sleep but " its o-kai", m glad to finish my job, even with an injured right hand after kickboxing, damn those uppercute and hooks.guess cavi probably missed her body combat class in sabah, instead trying on debate. and thank God that i did not sleep this time like last time, chatted with budak siam for a while, she busy doing e-commerce. so din annoy her much, since she crazy commited to the job, that rather not sleep till finish her job.

though, a lot broke today.the medic cost around 10 bux per pill, and the doctor prescribe to take 4 in 1 go.. plus everything, its like 70 bux.. haih :( hope to get some job soon, to cover the loses. and don't be naive if the pills are made by pfizer and its automatically equal to viagra. no doubt the company produce that, and so other medic too, its the world's #1 pharmicutical company for heaven sake. what ever sickness,well i prefer it to be a doctor-patient PnC thank you very much.

i'll kick the bad boys back to school,
teachin them fighting is NOT cool,
add a lil sugar and spice,
turn the bully that terrorise,
into a pink puddle that bark but dont bite.

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