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Saturday, August 2, 2008

400th post, should i stop? + some mini photo essay

pejam mata, sekelip mata saja sudah 400th post. so fast huh? 400 posts full of happy moment, and also sad sad emo ones. its like a mirror for how i feel. sometimes those probs m facing, and sometimes just simply to critic. and of course there are lots of effect( chain effect) pei se said recently after some event which i have to say, and proudly say that am not involve in, " you all blog, and then fight, better stop blogging lah".

i did noticed the trend of, things turn out the opposite whenver i type something online. for example the previous post, about 30 mins to class, i slept off! and n i just type " i b catching some sleep after lacking of sleep" in FB, and look at where am i now!! its almost 3 and am still awake, after sleeping like from 9 pm. peacock gonna kill me for not waking up later.

it just that, sometimes, or in my case, there are lots there i need keep it to myself. just so, things don't turn it the other way, which is to the bad. though this post sound like a bit on the emo side, and me listening to sad ass song. *self reminder* * your are a cold hearted,bastard with no feeling whatsoever where the mentality of "fuck you" for those who gets in your way, and "fuck,i don care who you are, or where you are from, i don give a damn, i want this more than you", if should i something* do the chant * cold hearted, cold hearted, cold hearted, cold hearted* why? because i've been stabbed and spit out.

so to quit or not to quit, THATS the question.

but to a more "U" rating post...


the city,maybe just pasig area


astoria plaza (the hotel)

key to your heart? no just the door and..

this! its a massive room

the "other side" of the town

its in the airport

and the uni tag booard

mode of transport

the world famous jeep-ney

various design

they actually rent the whole thing for us

contradiction-they show this at the subway station

and practice this, gender segragation


1st purchase

similiar one in austria.

donuts craze is everywhere huh?

jolibee,cant leave philipines without it.

words says a million expression..

"starbake" because m broke

angel's their version of ramli

3 ringgit for a footlong! and 2 ringgit for 2 hamburger!

the sell..

pork equation

this + hammer to smash it all up, and sautey it

= sisig, -its everywhere around philipines.


gateway to..."contradiction"
all the mall in the city or country have security check!
and k9 units!... so no guns right? think again!
the contradiction..
one of the shop in the mall..
one stop center for..
who needs to sneak in guns to rob mall now?if they are selling in the mall itself!

another episode of "manila de contradict"
greenbelt- as the name suggest, u need the green to come here.
its like pavillion times 3! they have 3 blocks and garden in the middle..and of course your gucci and pradas, but........
almost of the toilet are similar.... haih...

ladies night

those Atteneo ppl sure fancy, fancy places.

the transexual-homo society of phil. she/he really an eye opener.well when you read the event says "ladies night" well u will think lots of hot chics around to go to, but we listen to her speech about 'we are born as a seed, and everyone is born equal, and gender is just a label, so why label ourself?label just lead to discrimination and put us in a "box" " hear hear... its a bit true what she/he said. so *ahem ahem*.. to those people who present some song that day about how bsb is gay which nobody laugh, btw... i think you guys should be more careful, especially doin presentation in public, in the OPEN society, statement like that, well, will just get you shot.
how a proper dinner should b.
dear mr.big butt or u just have tight pants, president of ...soc,
do take note, this is how a proper prom should be, i mean if you want to be all classy, but judging by looking at you, classy probably not in your dictionary, mayb try "lala"?

jazz band, -easy listening for a black tie event

fancy place. this is JUST the toilet!

good food not some CHINESE food, no offense but am sure everyone agree the chinese food at prom was... *cough cough* chinese food will only be great at chinese restaurant NOT hotel!


am sorry, i only go to club Via "VIP" and nothing less :P

pre-autral kickoff party, can imagine what the real one offer?

US VIP enterence :P

great enterence too


trashy,clubs vodka..

a more proper like one, for him and her

sorry alex, i kinda cheated by pouring some to the floor. mayb in pure next time c u?

even during dinner.. haih.. in-d

boat race- hahaha those white trash wanker from monash LOST!

while they singing "betcha golly wow" -the emo-ness is in the air... thus

everyone have a flaming drink

flaming "blow-job" - no joke

mine! just like the heart, blue,bitter, and cold!

and when you drink too much... so much for someone who have "strong" principal- pathetic!

am sorry!

yes i know, i offend lots in this post...

am sorry! :D

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