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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a take on love

what and how we define love? yes the boy and girl punya relationship. is it that feeling of some say ultimate hapiness that one cant feel, if they are not involve in a relationship before? is it the hundred heart beat per second everytime he/she is around? or the manja-ness that she possess trying to convince you everytime you don't want to do something for her, or the macho-ness of him, that deep voice and the gentleman-ness with the 6 packs? huah that talk about, its wasting time when get involve, or is not a mature thing to do, because u are a student.

its good to see, people around me, getting back into a relationship, their lips is @ their ear everytime being kacau, by their other half, for some, they blushed as red as a baboon butt, and for some, in particular peaCock Jin case, there are no more " super emo mode". people change when they have "someone" they will probably think of others more, which is a good sign.

it make me smile, and feel happy for all of them, and for those that who are still trying, well, like the saying goes in football matches, "its not over till the fat lady sings" or "its not over till the last whistle been blown"

back to the topic of love. other than it have lots of plus point, sometimes as everything else in the world it have its negative sides too.well, some might try too hard to get themself involve,in other words, sign of desperation, some change their other half more than they ever bought new underpants, till they are totally lost their direction of what is really love is, but then again, it is such a subjective topic, some would fall for money, looks, boobs, etc..

k la, enough talking about ppl.its a bad karma.

talking bout myself, well when i said am a shy guy. the normal respond " huh?! you shy ar?"
well, at certain place, or condition, i could be shy and really quiet.thinking back that, i hardly talk to any girls back at primary. and if the "hot" girl speak to me, it probably make my week, or day.but now, how thing have change, talking to girls is a daily thing, though no hot one :P having a couple of ex's, not as many as some would assume, have teach me a thing or two, oh wait.. a LOT. in a nutshell, it shows that am not really ready to b in a relationship. 3 years of non-stop having a relationship, these 3-4 months of not getting involve with anyone, give me time to think and reflect again. that i have lots of flaws, that i've still need to work on. of course there are lots that gave advice " its trial and error" or "you are young, go play around". according to Jess simpson, " you once fall in love twice and get your heart broken once"

heart breaking or broken is not a very nice thing. seriously.as much as i would like to be as heartless bastard as ever.still, mayb yi ling is right about SNAG( sensitive new age guy),yes that don't buy the hot chic that you see in the magazine, and the close you can get to those girls are probably the "best fren" that they go to, everytime they have some probs, and once they are "heal" they are off to those hardcore, rockers, bad boy that are ready to break their heart. don ask me why, but girls do fall for bad boys more than the good one, probably the sense of excitement? go read cleo lah.. for more details.

for those who are still waiting or totally close the door about getting involve, due to some bad past experience,i'll say..

what do you say to taking chances?
what do you say to jumping off the edge?
without knowing if there solid ground.

yes its celine's song.

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