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Saturday, August 16, 2008

time management to perfection,almost

suppose to have class today,even if its a sat, as monday class was cancel. somehow there is "no" class, got msg from wheng teng while walking to lunch. so make a few call , and off i go back to the old hood, the old crib, Bangsar. guess Dharmik was right, when he say this is still my hood, even if i left. because as soon as i arrive, there are lots of familiar faces around. got 2 person to meet today, wheng teng, and also pei ling. since pei ling is only free at 5, so called wheng teng out since she said she wanted to go out before she goin back to London, and Pei ling gonna start Uni in mid sept. nott, semeyih.

so i was planing 3 hours for wheng and 3 for pei ling, and i go back at 8 to catch the fireworks.but the journey to kl was delayed due waiting for the train and, and my 2 p.m appointment was pushed to 3, and luckily she sent her bro to P.j and i've arrived before.

met at toys r us. i was wondering who is this girl in the Chanel glasses and Prada handbag,while i was looking at Lego, (long time din meet, tak kenal sudah :P) was wheng.i dono if its the 3-4 inch heels or she just grown taller. had a drink @ delicious as coffee bean was full.

i find that she have come a LONG way. staying alone in London, does teach her the HARD life.eating at home, cook, and spend her money wisely, for the food and stuff, and not for entertainment like clubs, as her spending there was tight. although now doin intership with Ernest and Young, and behind the big spending on stuff like her sunglass, still can mantain a first class doin acturual science ( dono the spelling lah), that shows that not all that spend money don't know how to think and go just to waste their parents money. though there are a LOT of spectic out there says, those who stay in posh area ONLY know how to enjoy themself and not study.

as she have to leave at 430, right on time, Pei Ling is waiting in the car. after saying goodbye, her car is already waiting outside the door. great timing. so off we went to mid valley :D
tought of getting my gift.. but we end up watching movie.. this time at the gsc signature. first time at such a posh cinema, we or just me act like some jakun, but the place is really nice and the seat was just TOO comfy, worth the rm 20, if you don't want to line up for lines and sekali-sekala only lah.. if everytime means pokai already. there are only 3 collum in the cinema, and you can practically stretch your legs, and have food delivered into the cinema.talking about service.

she says i suppose to be lucky because she don't/rare to go out with guys alone

after a hungry tummy, was planning to go to Tenpanyaki, till.. i saw the sign, "spagethi grill", which remind me about sin yen's friendster page that i saw this morning, and i have my craving for meatball speg, 2days ago satisfied :D

though i got a STRONG feeling that it is run under the same company as chillies, first the color of the sign is the same red, green, the drink menu is the same, and also the price, the cup, the cutleries.

next stop,

putrajaya international firework competition.. tonight was team china, not bad i have to say. after a tiring day its time for bed..

P/s: for you who say i have a bad taste for chic last nite @ tar chong, which is still unjustified, i beg to differ, as one of my highschool crush, is now is SIA being a flight attendence, and as we all know their flight attendence is way better than MAS's. and no they don need to get laid to b a stewardest. they can still be a virgin and still look damn good. *damn am hitting a lot below the belt tonight* thank you and good nite.

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