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Friday, August 22, 2008

hav a good weekend ya'll

first of all a happy b'day to YOU!, hope you had fun in you pink theme party.
happy b'day!!

bad bad day for exam. mayb took too much of exam, till the extend that just too freaking tired for it. seriously, never felt so unprepared and so tired in preparing for exam, maybe the 5 Am, wake up call, or lately having non-stop outing.
not another emo post lah.. so just like how i "ordered" them, they are out. having a well deserved rest i assume. would probably join them, but the angel of kim foong, decided to give me a lift back home.God bless her kind soul. so am going back home, suppose to work this weekend, suppose to go Sunway party this weekend, and i end up at home, no complains,but it just shows you that, life is VERY unpredictable, you plan to do A and it turn out as J. maybe thats how my life is. disappointed of course with the way exams goes, but i know, there is no point to get upset and all, as life still moved on. clock still ticking, no matter what happen, the clock is still ticking.
hope everyone hav a good weekend.. toodles

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