If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Monday, September 14, 2009

court battle

he went to the 'magistrate court'
he lost
he went to the 'high court'
he lost
he went to the 'court of appeal'
he lost
but tonight,
the 'supreme court judges'
with 2 panel
mdm ummu and mdm Serina,
have proven him innocent and acquitted

btw pls give face and vote. fren's sis

Friday, September 11, 2009

no goodbye just see u later

another fren flew off tonight. i tought Raja was the last time am gonna sent someone off, well tonight is Pei Ling's turn. a well, close fren. even tough as school ends, we don't hang out as much, but still, the connection is there. out of sight certainly not out of mind.

guess thats how we roll, i mean most of my school's frens. of course some might go their own way, but am glad to keep contact with some of them.

things are different, well some have our own university life and new friends, and some got into relationship and stuff like that. but, a big BUT, as friends we understand as thats part of growing up, no we will not say that ' hey that fella forget fren because she/he have a bf/gf ', maybe that happen in high school, but now we are light years ahead, and more grown up, such tought are just silly. thus, even our fren is busy with their own thing, it doesn't mean we have been forgotten.

for example this very fren of mine sent my an sms says : " try read matt 17:20 u must have faith in your self and in God......" it tought me not to give up, and regardless how people might look down or precieve, i just have to belive in myself and in things that i can do.

Pei ling sent this during i was having a tough time. break ups and facing my own personal problems, even though i don usually contact, but still i feel, that she is one of the few people that will have my back. guess this is what real friend is, they will be there for u, regardless if u don contact them or hang out with them for a while. they will understand if u want to spend time with ur significant half, they will understand why u behave in such the way that u did, and they never take offence because they understand.

there are so many things that i could say bout this friend of mine, and everyone that knows her, rarely have any bad things to say bout her.i guess the warm and bubbly personality that she have able her to fit in to any crowd, from those mat rempet to those cina tai lo.

friend like this i think, could only step into your life once, at most twice. i am lucky enough to have her as a friend, of course i do have other friends that am thankful for.but knowing her since form 1, and that the time our growing up is at its peak, guess v kinda see each other grow up and get through challenge of life and have each other's back, make it more special.wonder if i gonna have advisor now, hope u do great over there, i try to make everyone proud over here, hope u do the same over there too....

dena's christmas party

another chritsmas party


Sunday, September 6, 2009

procasination of the week

Normally around this time i would be swinging down the E5 in the Honda, back to cyber. sometimes i would like to go Via the Klia route. having the plane flying over, while turning on to lite Fm's swing time with sharizan, that plays classical jazz music. Its not much of a happening ways to spend your sunday night when you are in the 20's aint it?

but since this week am at cyberjaya, i ran into a lot of event this week
  • back on tuesday ( hapir mati with fever)
  • Got into a car crash
  • had been stopped by road block for a few time
  • got summon
  • played in a dodgeball tourney
  • watch midnight movie twice, back to back
  • first time in 3d cinema
  • had my ramadan buffet
  • had pizza
  • had sambal mooncake
BUT... i have to say the highlight should be listening to how a girl would moan or sound like when she got drilled,and the best part is, nobody is drilling her that time... no offense but she does sound like she kena fuck ok?

' baby.... baby... careful'

seeing what happen to my week this week is 'nothing' compare to others... well not exactly others just this one particular person. i ran into his blog that was famously among my fren here in mmu discovered a long time ago. the dude was like

"oh my cgpa drop by 0.01, thus its 3.99999 but my baby one still at 4"

yea... that blog.

having mid term this tuesday, well, just thinking back just now that i still feel like i could do better in my exams. seriously. like i know i could shift to a higher gear, but stuck at gear 3. maybe i've gotten lazy or just the lack of interest is just blocking it, but everytime i walk out of exam i would feel like i could do better,or lets say most of the time.

i also feel like those 'study god' is NOT as smart as all the hype they are getting. seriously

  • if they are smart, why still come to class when have fever+flu+cough while H1n1 is still hot topic.
  • if they are smart, why leave dangerous chemical around, unattended?
  • i might not be smart to learn other language like chinese, but those who master the language and regard as 'study God' cant even master the basic language like 'shutting up'

see? they are not so smart after all. i've been quite quiet for a long time, even with others taunting, most of the time i would just wanna avoid any conflict, so i would take the insult and ignore. but really, everything have a limit right?

probably am still in the process of growing up, there is a lot i have to learn like my dad would say, "there are something that even Harvard don teach you"
things like controlling myself for example. and sometime is just good to walk away instead of engaging in a confrontation.

During the Merdeka weekend, i slept quite late during one of the night. that night i was looking at a balance sheet. it come to my knowledge that the worker, that do odd labour job in Padang Besar, like checking containers and making sure it is transported onto the train, or trucks, you know those that is working on site under the scorhing heat,just earn around Rm 800, and plus over time will be around Rm 1100-1200, and the so called exacutive, earn around Rm1500.
plus this odd job worker some of them have 4 kids. its hard to imagine how do they survive, especially with their wife not working. working so hard in rain or shine, in the container yard and yet earn so little. no suprise if a rival company offer an increase of even Rm 50 they would jump ship. on the other hand, my sister's boss driver earn about Rm 2000

Working in such dangerous condition have it hazard too.. but sometimes safety equipment like safety boots, make their job more difficult, as it is easier to climb the container with bear foot or slipper. so its a dillema, for safety or the efficiency of the job.

life is hard,although some might doubt that i understand it. am thankful for what i have.

and another matter is of intership. visiting the skypark in subang, there this company called "AIROD" or the special place called Penang? or home sweet home ?

wrestling is not real, what about movies?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

cakap tak serupa bikin

action: definition:

" no matter what this person say, jokingly or not, prejudice
whatever out from this person mouth, i don like it"

" 2 piece ayam percik,2 roti boom, 1 piece of beef rendang heavy fever
2 piece of pulut bakar, 1 piece of beef murtabak, half bird of
pei pha ark ( duck) for 2 days"

" I am sick" really sick, don take it

"first, we have a new rule, those you say 'u r put' lawyer buruk
that person will be out, secondly, the first person
that is out is the first person to come in"

" all 3 digits is out excepr for one" just not your luck

"i think all girl that love shopping are shallow" i try to be different but deep down am one of them too

"tadi abang keluar pergi makan (lunch)" abang tak puasa

"chill! chill!, dodge baby! careful baby" i am what i wear - sound like lisa simpson at maggi simpson age

" look, am a magican i can go IN and OUT i am an SRC, i'll show u
without the ref's acknowledge" how dirty, i can play

ONE Malaysia Kelantan (malay dominant), Bangsar (indian dominant) Klang(chinese dominant) = Julian Gan