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Saturday, May 30, 2009

school's out!

exam is OVER!

tomorrow an island paradise is waiting!

aprroximately 1 year ago. no time to keep fit this time :(

and a trip abroad after that

yes i will b tasting those good food, just hope that the owner of the pic din found out that i

took the pic via facebook :P


OMG! omg! OMG! OmG!


island paradise and trip abroad? sound like a deja vu huh?

preparation for exam is SO stressful, seriously. am i happy u might ask? hell NO!

but but but.....

am glad thats all OVER now!!

oh happiness,where for art thau??

probably this time, i might and just stress MIGHT have fun compared to Pangkor,

which i have make a post YET. don get me wrong, just that well, half of my mind is thinking

bout the exam we having after the trip. so i cant really loose myself.

anywho... there lots that i missed during the month of prepartion for exam, these are

some of them:

Sue, or my 'sister that promise to bring me to russia' have finally graduate..

some grad from HARVard! with the capital H!

some have a great time in krabi, with famous blogger bf for the heineken party, sadly MAn U lost :(

like me, some also have exam the same time, thus have to celebrate their b'day preparing.
hope u having fun in Sabah

some new relationship started

and some visited loved one in the land of the great white cloud

some gonna go internship on Monday

and the reason i miss Penang :P
no just kidding

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

football pundit

last nite, man U bid arriverderci to their European champion title. from the opening 10 minutes before the first goal by eto, its already a bad feeling, that luck is not on our side. park missed and open goal from ronaldo's free kick, and the ronaldo missed by a whisker. in football, other than skills and good teamwork, u just need that a lil bit of luck, well we don't have it tonight. but its not a good excuse to lose. so as we a true champion, hats off to barcelona, they are the better team for the night. Man U certainly don't look like them self, giving the ball away so cheaply. somehow i wish that the formation start with 2 strikers instead.

i got a predict this gonna happen in the world of football in the next coming season

  1. Messi will be win the world's player of the year award
  2. giggs, scholes and gary neville probably gonna retire at the end of the season
  3. perez gonna beat all the hopefull candidate for Real's presidency.
  4. after winning 3 league title, i just got a sneak feeling that Man U rode its luck already. probably the likes of Chelsea, liverpool gonna overhaul its squard and give a serious challenge. and if Arsenal could put it togather and not breaking half way, they might give a serious challenge
  5. Anchelloti is Chelsea bound
  6. Valencia will be raid this season unless they find a financial backing. Barcelona and Real will have a big say in this, unless Banitez pull some string at his former club
  7. Ribery will leave bayern
  8. there will be a big move from a manager to fill in the empty seat either at milan or madrid, probably the return of Othmar HItzlfied
  9. there will b probabaly a 65% chance that Ronaldinho will join Robinho in city
  10. a massive clearout in Newcastle, probabaly wont get the loyalty that Juventus got by its star when they got relegated
  11. fallen star david trezeguet will leave Juve.
  12. tevez 50-50 to stay, somehow he might just stay, depends on the development of these few days.
  13. unlucky 13 is, Ronaldo will probably leave this time. fans is sick of him wanting to leave, might as well grant his wish.

* am a Man U fan that wish Man U eternal winning streak and win all the cups there is, but i guess i could only do that in my FIFA, the ball is round, everything is possible in football, we just gotta stick as close to reality*

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Manchester United

football is Big over here especially in Malaysia. Me, being a fan of one of the biggest football club in the world, Manchester United. the English Premier League do have a strong asian based fan compared to other league. for example Liverpool do have a strong hold in Thailand and over here in Malaysia, its Machester United. its a shame that some are not quite the true supporter, they would just hop to support one club just because that particular team is winning, and hop to another club, when that team is losing.

for example, before uncle Abrahamovic took over Chelsea, there not much of a strong fan based in Malaysia. until they bought star players like ballack and drogba, fans keep coming in. to set the record, drogba is not even an establish star before he move to chelsea. chelsea just bought him during his peak and he have some break through durin marseille uffa cup campaign.

when Mourinho took over at the helm of Chelsea, they won the 2 league title, thus the once dominant Manchester United as they say have 'loss' it. so many fan hop over to support Chelsea.
but the respond from United as always, been great. we won the league 3 times in a row, including this season.

during the glory days of the 90's, where united dominate the league, lots of people thinks they are the team to beat, and why not? they are the champion after all, with the likes of the King Eric Cantona, bryan robson, gary palister providing the rock to united defence, of course not to forget, one of the greatest goalkeeper to grace the game, peter schemichel. lots people don really fancy united, why ? because we are the best and the rest are probably jealous of the success.

i started to watch football and be a fan of united ever since the day of dennis irwin fill in the fullback role, and david beckham is still a young lad, trying breaking the first team, and teddy sheringham was deadly. it just something special about this team.regardless if the score is deadlock, or they are down, one thing for sure, they never ever gave up. the gaffer, sir alex, will give his all, even employ 4 striker at a time. and they are also famous for their late minute winner. some might say its luck, but could it be luck if it occurs continuously? and one famous guy for that is of course ole. ole gunnar solskjaer, nickname, the babyface assasint. now a background coach at united, he retired due to injury. his always score everytime he came on the pitch. and not to forget the most memorable goal was the 1999 champion league final where he score the winning goal against bayern in injury time. this is the 2nd time we lift the thophy.it cemented his name among the united faithful, and even have his own song that goes " you are my solskjaer my only solskjaer, you keep on scoring, when it is boring"

the first time was in 1968, during the busby babes era, which makes us the first english side to claim the title. if u are fan, you probably know the munich disaster, where it claim 8 first team player. imagine if that don't happen, would liverpool able to be as dominant as they are?
on 27, during the year's Champion league final in Rome, it mark Sir matt busby 100th b'day (a day after the final) if he is still alive, don b suprise if u see, sign saying " for sir matt busby" in ROME. yes it will b a wild celebration if we beat a strong barcelona side.

a lesson of history is, Manchester United formed as Newton Heath L&YR F.C. in 1878 among a group of railwayman.Manchester United officially came into existence on 26 April 1902. back then, probably the likes of Liverpool are strong. yes, everyone acknowledge that, but Manchester's history is starting to be written and will surely keep on continue to write unlike some club, that slump and never get it back togather, and hopefully, the night in Rome will be ours... Glory Glory Man united.

Monday, May 25, 2009

kiss a girl

To kiss and tell
It's just not my style.
But the night is young,
And it's been a while.
And she broke my heart,
Broke it right in two.
And it's fixing time,
But I'm feeling like I'm finally ready to
Find, find somebody new.
I wanna kiss a girl,
I wanna hold her tight,
And maybe make a little magic in the moonlight.
Don't wanna go too far
Just to take it slow,
But I shouldn't be lonely in this big ol' world.
I wanna kiss a girl.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

on the set of angels and demon spoiler

the blockbuster of angels and demon, after watching it on friday night, kinda bring back

bit of memories from Rome.

dear jensen, i waited and waited but u took a few days to go back and change ur clothes at sk

but when the parents call, hope u don mind i watch it without u :P

pls don scroll down IF u don't want get any idea how the movie goes

the swiss guard * ever wonder why its called swiss?*

st.peters square, most of the setting of the movie revolve in.

Pantheon, still missing the buffalo wings at the mC d here.

inside of it, this is where Langdon, first visit to get the clue, but sadly, he was wrong

the 3rd clue, where the 3rd preferiti - the prefered choice to replace the pope. the clue was

the angle, in the end he got killed somewhere around the background where i was standing

no dslr, so cant zoom up, its an angel

the 4th preferiti, was saved, after he was almost drown in this fountain if am not mistaken

take #1

take #2

the last scene where they searchin for the bomb, its somewhere around 10 mins walk from

the st.peters. the angel with the sword thing, but too lil to see.

inside the church in the vetican, this is where the carmelengo-closest aid to the pope killed himself , by lighting up himself.

* other part that i visited was also the tomb of the pope, but no pictures are allowed to be taken.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


2cases of H1n1 reported today. a student from the state and a lady who was in the same flight with the student. well, its amusing how some, would critic the government for having people who got the disease from outside the country. the verdict: its stupid. seriously what can the government do? refuse entry to their own citizen and let it rot to death in the airport? seriously, why anything bad happen we have to point out the finger to the government? why don't we stand up and do something about it? or if you really not satisfied, run for election, be an MP and probably the Prime Minister if u could. no racist or corruption crap.. " yes we can"- obama.

another side of the news is, someone come back from singapore bla bla bla.. how good singapore authority is... bla bla bla... but, do take a look at this. even in LCCT. yes LCCT, the name low cost, doesnt mean its cheap and would neglect the ppl. even air asia, seems to bbe cheap to some, hey, they are the best low cost carrier the in the world. and when my dad got back from the UK from KLIA, yes, there are a run of checks to be done by the health minister.

so my suggestion is, before we start condemning, to look around first, for hard cold fact and evident instead of pointing the fingers. is the factor of the US being neglect, of their exit point makes the student and the lady able to come to malaysia, boom!!! malaysia have 2 cases and its all bad. naive!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mama and new member of the family

happy mother's day to all the mothers.
but this time its very special to a certain someone,
congrats to my cousin and his wife on their 1st child
and being parents certainly bring them happiness that well, u can only understand
when you be one.

was 3 days old when i visited last weekend

am sure not only the baby would like this gift, its the tiger that bounce on its tail!

kinda unique, cheese all the way from newcastle

Thursday, May 7, 2009

to whom it may concern

its come to my attention that one of my post about the prom have trigger some rage from certain quater of people. well to be honest, the post is all to tease one of my fren, eric. but apologies for those who take that as an offence, but its sad to hear that those who are near to me, always thinks i did something. well, i guess people only thinks the bad thing you have done and never be remembered for the good things, the time that i was on their side when they are down, etc... of course am not a perfect friend, but i try to be there whenever one give me the call. but if i say i go through some hard personal time with them and now been forgotten, i seems like i hail my self as a hero. well, thats not just right. anyways, to those who are not happy with my post, or those who think i did something wrong to trigger that unrest or unhappiness, well.... here is a story for you

different people have different perception. one man's meat could be another man's poison. one day a husband and wife went to the market and buy a donkey. on the way home one boy said "how stupid of neither of them not to ride the donkey". the husband quickly let his wife rode the donkey. as the walk on, a man wisper, " a man is the head of the family, how can he let his wife ride while he walk?!" the wife heard that and quickly got down and let the husband on the donkey while she walk at the side. as they head home, a woman said " how un-gentleman of the husband to let his wife walk" the husband quickly offer the wife to join him to ride the donkey. after that a boy said " oh poor donkey, how could u bear the weight of two person?" the husband and wife quickly got down and carry the donkey on their shoulder. later on a narrow bridge, the donkey got frighten and in the end all of them fall in the river.
what am trying to say is , you can never let everyone praise you or everyone to condemn you, not in the present, in the past nor in the future. thus not to be too bothered by others word as long as out conscience is clear.everyone wants their freedom of speech, thus this page is my freedom to blog, thank you.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

football dream

in life everyone have their dreams.well, am glad to see one person the i held my heart close to, have his dream came true. his dream is just to watch 1 machester united match. but beyond his wildest dream, he catch 3 matches, and one of it is a semi finals of the champions league.

dad at the new wembley.

not too far away was arsenal's old ground- hibuary

to the new arsenal ground-the emirates

nice futuristic stadium

and some of the specatators goin into the stadium

before kickoff

boro vs arsenal

and the crowd from both team was jeering at each other

some of the boro playesrs are warming up

and lets the game begin! arsenal won in the end.

next stop

inside one of the top stadium in england

was brought around by one of the newcastle legend ( far left)

nicky butt

the view from the lounge and the director's box for newcastle vs portsmouth

yes we have one foot to rome

glory glory man utd

outside the stadium, the arsenal and man u fans was teasing each other with songs

as the 2 supporters goes too close with each other, police step inside

the pride of manchester

with finals coming, i have to 'BELIEVE' that i can do it, i can improve my grades,and one day probabaly can step into old trafford and can be a season ticket holder.