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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

football pundit

last nite, man U bid arriverderci to their European champion title. from the opening 10 minutes before the first goal by eto, its already a bad feeling, that luck is not on our side. park missed and open goal from ronaldo's free kick, and the ronaldo missed by a whisker. in football, other than skills and good teamwork, u just need that a lil bit of luck, well we don't have it tonight. but its not a good excuse to lose. so as we a true champion, hats off to barcelona, they are the better team for the night. Man U certainly don't look like them self, giving the ball away so cheaply. somehow i wish that the formation start with 2 strikers instead.

i got a predict this gonna happen in the world of football in the next coming season

  1. Messi will be win the world's player of the year award
  2. giggs, scholes and gary neville probably gonna retire at the end of the season
  3. perez gonna beat all the hopefull candidate for Real's presidency.
  4. after winning 3 league title, i just got a sneak feeling that Man U rode its luck already. probably the likes of Chelsea, liverpool gonna overhaul its squard and give a serious challenge. and if Arsenal could put it togather and not breaking half way, they might give a serious challenge
  5. Anchelloti is Chelsea bound
  6. Valencia will be raid this season unless they find a financial backing. Barcelona and Real will have a big say in this, unless Banitez pull some string at his former club
  7. Ribery will leave bayern
  8. there will be a big move from a manager to fill in the empty seat either at milan or madrid, probably the return of Othmar HItzlfied
  9. there will b probabaly a 65% chance that Ronaldinho will join Robinho in city
  10. a massive clearout in Newcastle, probabaly wont get the loyalty that Juventus got by its star when they got relegated
  11. fallen star david trezeguet will leave Juve.
  12. tevez 50-50 to stay, somehow he might just stay, depends on the development of these few days.
  13. unlucky 13 is, Ronaldo will probably leave this time. fans is sick of him wanting to leave, might as well grant his wish.

* am a Man U fan that wish Man U eternal winning streak and win all the cups there is, but i guess i could only do that in my FIFA, the ball is round, everything is possible in football, we just gotta stick as close to reality*

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