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Saturday, May 30, 2009

school's out!

exam is OVER!

tomorrow an island paradise is waiting!

aprroximately 1 year ago. no time to keep fit this time :(

and a trip abroad after that

yes i will b tasting those good food, just hope that the owner of the pic din found out that i

took the pic via facebook :P


OMG! omg! OMG! OmG!


island paradise and trip abroad? sound like a deja vu huh?

preparation for exam is SO stressful, seriously. am i happy u might ask? hell NO!

but but but.....

am glad thats all OVER now!!

oh happiness,where for art thau??

probably this time, i might and just stress MIGHT have fun compared to Pangkor,

which i have make a post YET. don get me wrong, just that well, half of my mind is thinking

bout the exam we having after the trip. so i cant really loose myself.

anywho... there lots that i missed during the month of prepartion for exam, these are

some of them:

Sue, or my 'sister that promise to bring me to russia' have finally graduate..

some grad from HARVard! with the capital H!

some have a great time in krabi, with famous blogger bf for the heineken party, sadly MAn U lost :(

like me, some also have exam the same time, thus have to celebrate their b'day preparing.
hope u having fun in Sabah

some new relationship started

and some visited loved one in the land of the great white cloud

some gonna go internship on Monday

and the reason i miss Penang :P
no just kidding

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-Kang- said...

Happy holidays~