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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

half century

1/2 century, my blog post have reached its 500th post. * Boom! pop pop Boom! * and the fireworks start. ok fine, lets minus the drama shall we? this feat could be achieve a bit more earlier, but the rate that i blog is not as much as before.sometimes, well u don't really have to write emo stuff and report everything u do in ur blog like a diary. no offence for those who did it, its totally the freedom to blog, but i just trying to justify why my blog haven't been updated as often as possible.
just got back from Tioman last night, 2nd trip with the tourism club and my 2nd island in a space of say, 2-3 months? soon, everyone will post up the same post bout the trip, but this is my slice of experience. my near death experience, when my whole body is just too tired to move to fight the current in the open sea, while the sea is like almost the nose level and the boat seems like miles away.certainly i wont forget.
another june, another academic year have passed. some looking forward for graduation in a few month time, some looking forward to step into the like of an undergraduate.before the exam started, i did my 'ritual' visit to my acedemic advisor, Mr.Phua. as a tradition, the session lasted about an hour plus. but he really did give me some good advise.and went back home, the same thing is amplified by dad.yes its true that when we graduate, its another crossroad we are going to face, either to persue, what we studying in or moving in a different path that what our heart wants.
i cant really find a single word to describe this academic year. as usual, another year another drama,another person hates u, another one loves u. its really hard to make everyone loves u, well thats for my case.
since i started to stay outside, 3 years ago, there are tons of adapting to do, well even now there are still work on adapting to do. to be honest, its still not the comfort zone yet. living outside its a different ball game, because you will face each other even after class, thus there are to be friction.
looking at my acedemic calender, well, its full of exams date, lab date, assignment dateline. but these are some of the tears of joy and the tears of sadness,that have to go through in this academic year, rather i will complete my 2nd year and able to say 'i successfully complete my 2nd year' its all depends on the results next week :

my 1st time @ the lookout point, its a place in Ampang, where u can see the whole KL City view from here. we are here to celebrate kim's b'day.and the crazy thing is i have to catch an early flight to Philipine the next day around 6 a.m. !

Manila: to be honest its not one of those city that would be one my "wanted list" but, its not as bad at all, the city as busy as KL, and the traffic jam is masive, the public, well... they are kinda those liberal/open public.i've attended a speech by their national's homosexual society president.its really an eye opener for those conservative thinking like me.but once got back here, well my feet are grounded and i go back to my roots.

the reason i left for the philipine is to participate in Austral's. The 2nd biggest debating tourney there is, in university level. other than wanting to keep my mind off something that are not too pleasent. and i just need some new thing in life, and try out lots others too...

there, its my first time meeting people from different country,background, culture and color. am not that lucky to be able to study in foreign country, but am impressed by the people here, there are much more matured,and when they speak its with substance. here, we also have foreigners, but it just when u see them u will get afraid, its either look like an extrmist terrorist or those wannabies that wannabe in 50cent's video.

coming back, its almost the mooncake festival, its the first time i've played lantern for quite sometime. a touch back to my chinese root. well, u see, i don really know much about chinese tradition or even the language it self

charity.well, as bad as i might seem to be to some, i still have charity close to my heart. even though this is a Moral project, to visit the SPCA, its still a meaningul job all of us did. yes it might be smelly, and the shirt we wore can b thrown down the rubbish bin already from that horrible smell, but at the end of the day, our heart feels great rite?

filling in my time, i tried a new sport- dodgeball. judging from the picture, yes u need to shake that ass to avoid the ball.later that week, we all actually joined a competition. altough we din make it through very far...but we still kick some DJ club behind.

some say after my return, i've changed a lot. this is my 2nd time at the lookout point. to my fren suprise the one in the chequered shirt, that we celebrate his b'day here, as he tought its only a gathering. too bad rizal is far away in kedah.this is my first time planned a suprise b'day.

another upgrade was my kickboxing level. now a level 2, altho the master (kru) havent gave the cert yet, but kickboxing is really fun, especially when u have a bad day. really hope next sem, i will finally able to do sparing. and wanting to try all the move that i've learn on someone. too bad Epin is gonna graduate and Karen is doin her internship.

another gathering with a different group of friends from high school. with everyone having their own thing, well, this is kinda of a rare occasion, and its also for raja who is leaving for the UK, wait... elephant is back tomorrow!

so he leave with his fellow JPA scholar to Manchester. a bit of a ONE Malaysia rite? we have indian, malay, chinese. its tough to create the One Malaysia, the racial feel is kinda strong, but here is a demo that it IS possible to do it IF only we don call each other pigs, yellow, keling.

another group of frens, this time is at vicki's other place. but this one have one of those infinite pool. this time dharmik is back from Aussie, derrick is back from UK and Vick is back from New Zealand.

i was given the honor to be a best man for my cousin's wedding. this is my first time actually get involve so much in a wedding, from the time to take the bride, going through the challenges, until urshering guests to their seat during the dinner. what a day, hope they have a wonderful marriage.

the hit musical "mamma mia" was in town. at the same time the movie was in the cinema, Malaysia was Mamma Mia crazy that time, i was privilaged enough to catch that wonderful musical, we dance,we sing, we have so much fun.

december comes, there are lots of b'day celebration.my b'day was the first to kick off the december celebration. a suprise was no longer a suprise when someone called me at 11.50 P.m on the eve of my b'day asking me to be in my room. the b'day dinner was a bit quiet. only Pei Se, kok Jin and Yin fung only was there. compared to the eve where my room was packed.well, thats my 20th b'day with a huge ass card. biggest that i ever received.

the next day was Pei Se's b'day. too bad that we have to rush our assignment, thus dinner was late. my first time at Fullhouse, i really like the chicken that i've ordered, but the serving is just small!

Mr.Lau's bday. because his b'day was during x'mas period, thus it have to be brought forward as everyone is leaving for christmas celebration. this time too we have a special guest, ChelSe

this picture really look like those onion man. anyways yin's 20th b'day is in sync with her nyonya/malay herritage, thus we opt for satay kajang, with suit her taste. in the end, we end up in KLIA, for God knows what reason, to look at the dark tarmac and got chase away by the guard.

kok jin's 20th. went to some bbq,steamboat place in serdang.but this wont b remembered for the steamboat or the cake at putrajaya bridge. it will be remembered for the released of the Kuan YIN ma.
signing out for my 500th post and also 2nd year for the academic year. happy holidays, and have a great time.


Eric said...

Congrats on the blog. And nice suits there for the wedding. Did you find them through http://www.gatheringguide.com/ec/formal_wear_tuxes.html or go to another shop after all?

Anonymous said...

Brim over I agree but I think the list inform should prepare more info then it has.

Anonymous said...

Again a honesty a possessions post. Because of your friend