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Thursday, June 11, 2009

chronical of the golden lucky charm

Everyone have a lucky charm. Miku have hers in a form of a cobra ring that she always wore, its a gift from her from when their trip to India.....

we find our hero in an advanced transportation device, that bring him back to the dense jungle of middle of south east asia...

the long high speed rail, looks like a view from the Matrix
as he open the cabin, he saw this Golden temple at the top of a hill called Doi Suntep Temple. he visited the monk to get some blessing for his quest to find the lengendary golden lucky charm, that was lost 359 years ago...
rumours had it, its in the village where the villages wore this 4.5 kg necklace

our hero, took a tuk tuk ride, down the hill and straight downtown, the tuk tuk swirve through the busy street of downtown, left right, it goes past by the traffic. beware Mat rempit, these guys are good * PGA tour tm*

this is the only clue that our hero have, it is said that the drug lord that stole the golden lucky charm, is in the Golden tringle area doin his business.

our brave hero have to go through the thick jungle and greeted with a lot of dangerous animal such as the cobra.

luckily, he got a ride from the friendly elephant.

the elephant can sense that our hero is helping the tribe that worship its ansestor.

upon arriving at the drug lord's hideout, our hero found that the drug lord is high on opium.this makes it easier for him to take down the drug lord and rescue the golden lucky charm.

he took the drug lord's opium pipe as a redemption for the villages

as he escape the drug lord's hideout, he was chased by the drug's gang, seekind redemption for the lost of their leader, luckily, as small villagers, guide our hero to her village

the wound our hero got from the shot gun from the drug gang make him dizzy and collapsed, he villages tries to raise his spirit

our hero have a blur vision of a semi consious, seeing the karen long neck tribe, he tought he was dreaming..

the villages keep on helping him to raise him up...

our hero was hurt and all this adventure, make him wish that he have a slightly bigger one than the one he have

as our hero recover from his injury, he knows the drug gang is still hunting for him. he have to leave the village

the boat is waiting for him.

our brave hero go through the dangerous Mekong river, in a super fast speed boat, his butt can feel the water bouncing, that shows how thin the boat's floor is.

he arrived to the city of the golden triangle

the legendary lucky charm that the Long Neck Karen gave our hero, for all his effort

our hero successfully escape from the drug gang in this plane by Chang beer..

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