If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boom boOm pow

smashin new hit by the black eye peas. won't b suprise it will be in clubs all over town soon. imagine when the dj, stop at the *boom boom boom* part and the crowd sing along to it. kinda nice huh?

i happen to stumble into a video. well, its not quite approppriate to show it here, BUT if u wan to check it out, click the link below. it's claimed to be in one of the disco in JB. again, its an adult content. so click it ONLY if u want to see it. but basically, its about a girl got gang raped.

the lesson it, clubbin might be enjoyable, but do take care of yourself, especially the ladies.

Source Video: http://www.thetend.com/view_video.php?viewkey=f32aa9e7dcbc90102b25&r=

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