If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

small talk

forget those insignificant one,
deep breath,
seal lips,
because i got nothing nice to say,
else it will b nasty,
working fingers,
patience is a virtue,
good night

Monday, July 27, 2009

dr moron

question: must u know the language, only considered as u have visited the place?

dear DR ***

it all start when i went into the lift in FOE and there this lecturer with the "DR" title. fine, the dude might study a lot. but among us average joes student, we don really like him, unless u are a computer student trying to kiss some ass. u see, the previous semester, he sort of use his power to indirectly force us to buy his book that he wrote. why? obviously to make money.

back to the story, today i wore my "Salzburg" T. i got it when i visited Austria, actually my brother got it for me and my sister. all of us have the same T. well this lecturer spoke softly in german, to me, and i go "huh?" and he was like " haha, i was speaking to u in Austrian, obviously u never been there before" and walk out of the lift... and gone in thin air, not like he is thin lah.

is it his bitchy-ness or he dumb-ness really tick me off. somehow at same time i feel sad that my university have such an ignorance lecturer, stupid, and also naive.

being a DR, i assume he study a lot, and not to my suprise he probably study the language before he visit the country. yes for me visiting new country is about learning their culture, bla bla bla.... but the big picture is am a friking TOURIST! yes its no doubt its helpful to know the language before visiting, but if i were to visit Japan, do i spend 2 years learning japanese before flying? and am sure those who learn japanese, not all have step foot in Japan before.

DR dr dr.... in that 4 wall of box you live in, with those thick fat book that u read often, and living in denial with the theme " knowledge is power" , in denial because u cant get the big job, and make the big money, thus u just read the big books. as important as knowledge is, well, i cant really wait to master a language which takes more than 2 years only to travel, plus its not cost effective, imagine those money u spend on taking language classes. there are more than 100
countries in the world, and our life is too short to master all the language and yet is not too short to visit at least 20-30 countries, get at least that ammout of hard rock T is consider as an accomplishment.

instead of reading those book DR, i suggest you see life it self as a book, and those who doesn't travel only read a page of it. instead of reading, i would suggest stay connected. example, if i were to visit Japan, instead of studying the language, i would instead call up Miku, or Toshi or Chori, which is a local, what other better way to get around by getting around with the local? but than again, its impossible to stay connected in some many country, and a solution to that is, be more advanterous, be lost in translation. get lost, learn new route, see new things, perhaps
accidentally u will find something magical. but seeing u learning the language before visiting, i guess, last time when u were small u are those type that got bully, thus u fear, u are scared and wont take the risk, everything u do must have an insurance. sad sad....

been to Manila for a month, yet i cant speak any tagalok, been in Europe for 3 weeks, no i cant speak italian or german, been in thailand for a few time, no, i cant speak thai, been to indonesia, even if it is similar to bahasa malaysia, still cant speak it. nope i cant speak burmese either.

in conclusion, i really doubt ur PHd, maybe you have the technical skills, but ur human skill are just like those in the kindergarten, no wonder u r just confine in ur 4 wall. thus from now i shall christsen you DR MORON

dear DR moron,
wish u were here instead of reading or watching the show

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

with the sem break is coming at the end of the month, exams on monday, tomorrow with the Mini P experiment and the submission of the assignment, sigh... reli don feel like doin any of it. instead here is the 3 show that i wanted to catch

TOP 3 movies to watch

great actor in Johnny depp as a lead, and movie about mafia's. mafia's always can count me in.
saw the thrailler since i catch terminator, been anticipating it, but weeks and weeks something pops out and still, is the movie that i wanted to catch. maybe its not one of those famous franchinse movie like transformers or harry potter, but based on the true story of the 1940's mafia in the US. certainly a mouth watering one..

never miss a harry potter movie before since the first one. but never read the book either since the first one. but this movie is one of those movie that i've grow up with. seriously, like 10 years ago or so since their debut, its always amusing and no matter what people might say, its cool to see the magic and the dorm that harry and his frens live in. but am guessing, the cinema will b pack for this one.

John travolta and denzel, what a combination. 2 great actors. and John playing the bad guy. kinda remind me of face/off. Got my attention when catchin E-news that join did not attend the premier because, he is still down from his child's death. nice show, not a bad review, about a subway got hijacked if am not mistaken.

Generation Y

after a good law class on monday night, today is another good news, it was raining the whole day, it was so cool, add some decoration, and christmas music, it will certainly create the christmas atmosphere, add some christmas buffett, and its all set.

in law class madam Umi, stressing on how we, the younger generation or generation Y can make a different, can undo all those mistakes that have been done by generation X, the older one. from my point of view, she hit the nail right into the head in all her point, all the msg and the issues that i've tried to convey all this while is done in 30 minutes of Madam Umi talk. i might present it wronly that why i got a lot of negative feedback for some might ask " hey u not chinese ar?" but thank God, finally someone could convey that message. everyone was pumped up and physc about it,sadly, there only less than 30 ppl in the class to listen to Mdm Umi.

sad to say, generation Y, FAIL. big time. having a meeting today, sadly some still playing the race card. in a meeting or even communication the most important part is understanding. a history lesson here is, why there are traders from east and west like china, india come to Melaka during Melaka's glory day, they come to melaka to trade. one of the main factor is the language, they feel the language is each to communicate as everyone would understand it.

back to the 21st century, there also a common medium among everyone, which is English which is in fact the international language, mayb lots people learning chinese today, due to the booming economy of china, but the medium of communication in the international scene is still english, rather you go to the UN, or the ASEAN meetings, people speak ENGLISH and mayb some conference they have those fancy machine to translate.

perhaps those who in the meeting feel more comfortable speaking in chinese,well, nobody is forced to speak in the other language, but out of courtesy for everyone in the room, the minority also been taken into consideration. but in the same mistake as generation X did, generation Y too is too ignorance.

the changes, the obama's "yes we can" i think it will take longer time for that change, maybe perhaps the next generation after generation Y.so many changes still are to be done and work on, but like Micheal Jackson's man in the mirror would say

If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change

i would really glad to learn and catch up in my chinese, but at same time, i hope i will not repeat the same mistake others do. it makes me realise what one of my good mate told me last weekend, "home never change huh?" seating in a mamak with 3 punjabi's a guju and 2 other chinese, well, the 3 punjabi's could speak in their own language, and so does the other 2 chinese frens of mine, instead, not to let the guju feel out, we speak in english where everyone could understand. mayb i would feel a lil sad if my name would be called for the laptop lucky draw, but with these friends, i shall have no regrets meeting them and feeling right at home. at same time, nobody can say anything if they want to speak in the language they are comfortable in, thats no wrong in it.

as might not be perfect but, am glad to have good frens from different races. some might say am a banana, but i'll say I am a Malay ( wait for it) sian LAH!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

small talk

time certainly move quite fast this semester.in less than 2 weeks, its mid term exam, and new week, assignment have to give progress report,lab reports and the mini P experiment on friday which is a bummer reli.everyone in the team have been working hard for it,sadly still we cant find our weakness. Group 7 it seems the favourites now for Nanotech 09.

to be honest i wish there is the 'click' remote where i can pause the time, and get away from these work load, but i guess this is no more kindergarten, its one thing bad when u are old is you have responsiblities. if u kill someone, u will b trial in the court, not the juvenille court no more, and death sentence can b applied, if u make someone pregnant, u are bound to the responsibility to in the end marry them,what ever we do now,it seems to have a greater impact and consequences.

disppointment from the Mini P is demotivating, my nagging body part is annoying, it feels like am 100, i mean normally these muscle pain will go after a good night sleep, but its been here for a few days sigh..so before i continue to sulk about the mini P i guess i better stop here.

p/s: come support team thunder ball at 1 u this sat

Thursday, July 9, 2009


some say

his mega move is equal to

from here to


voices says "top 3 in Asia, top 30 in the world" during the club recruitment week. its like ronaldo, he have won everything in Manchester United, its time to move on to a new challenge. you have to know when to leave, and thats its when you are at the top.

k la. that might be. exxagerating

last night HYPE club, today, Nanotech Malaysia 09. c'mon Julian!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

team brats vs team mmu

after agree to join yee kean for the dodgeball competition next weekend during dinner at hAkka village, i got an e-mail from brats. they are the organiser togather with RAGE. they are forming 2 teams, that is made out of brats member.being one, a member of brats, it does put me in the situation a lil..

team brats


team mmu

Asking cav is like a no brainer as she is a brats of course its obivous the answer. but looking at the situation, where i might not know any of them now as every year there are new breeds of brats and those that i might know, probably wont be joining anymore, i guess i would stick to
team MMU.

brats certainly gave me a wonderful experience,sad thing is, that i never join their activites anymore, the year end camp always clashes with short semester. thus the chance of 'senior-ing' is out of the question. the closest i came is the one in Kajang is mid year, but that time, i have a stretch of mid term. sigh... i wish i was

thinking of the glory days just like it happen yesterday, today am fat with a tummy and struggling to get through classes. if i have second chance, i would certainly change a lot of my decision, i would probably keep in touch in everyone from brats, the mistake i made is, that i focus on one person that time. probably be closer and paying more attention during the photography classes. yes i played DSLR with multiple flashes, the one reporter use when i was 17. wonder what the fuss bout it nowadays anyways- flizzardo.
some of us still studying, some turn in an regular in the blogging scene jolyn. some turning into a debator in borneo, some even that i near to me like USCI.

zooming back to reality,

There's always going to be another mountain
I'm always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,

3 years and 2 more to go.... how i wish lit review is easy as relating 17 again and miley cyrus and put it into one...

when go to trip, some might ask why i don join in the cam-whore?
either i've grown out of it, or just traumitize from this experience :p

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

things and around

today after dinner at haka village, i went up to walk Pei Se home, using stairs, on the way up we saw him, he is seating by the stair waiting for the gf. looking sad and bit patheticly waiting by the stair. normally he would wait or hand out inside the house, but after the incident with a certain no insurance mouth girl, things have change. well i wont be a coward and name her as a third party. well he fought with Yin.

well Yin finally got the taste it. well, i personally tasted it before. it just suck your soul out, when u wanna say something, u just cant say it, instead u must think and think again, its like living in a world full of sensitive pussy.but we gonna step into the working world, where there won't be any mercy. its cruel yes, even for those who have it good for them, like Micheal Jackson, eventhough he is rich, but there are also certain media idiots try to cause trouble. like in Staple Center during the memorial service of the king of Pop,

rev. Al-Sharpton told the kids " there is nothing unsual about death of your father, but the things that he have gone through during his lifetime is something unsual.

As we said goodbye to a legend last nite, thinking back some of his greatest hits, for me its this song

watchin the music video he done with his ex-wife, the daughter of elvis where she go almost nude at a young age, but the song do overpower the graphic scene. growing up with his songs, its different from what people my age grow up with today. the more hip-hop/rock culture do really portay an image when u go to the mall u can see those that their jeans that barely holding on to their butt. and the F bomb is just being let go like a norm. thanks MJ, for being a pop culture icon, and an embassador to people to promote peace and love.

this sem, its really been busy one for me personally. monday feels like tuesday, and tuesday feels like wednesday. 3rd week feels like week 10. because the late night dateline and the last minute study.its really been challenging. tomorrow, am still wonder if i should take up the post at HYPE club. with the mini P playing a big role, and also occupied a big portion of my time. i would really like to spend time with my frens that are on holidays, Raja, Vicki, sonia, pei ling, gurdip, maybe just a quick catch up, but the time have been jam packed. either that or i have a poor time mangement.

last weekend is the first time am back home on a friday. its been before this either saturday or sunday, and back here on a sunday night.well, things have been really been disappointing last week. but lucky for me, there this place that i could always go. this lil place, and accidentally that time they have some band playing music from the local scene. guess no matter where u are, if you are in different place, u try to fit in, but there are only one place that u know u belong there, u don need to try, it just come naturally, it is call the hood. its all hood at the old hood ( watch snoop dog fatherhood on E! for the vocab)

this semester there are this subject that really got everyone's attention. Law for engineering. i am not sure about the other class, but madam Umi class rocks.regardless its from 6-9 Pm on a monday, certainly blow away the Monday's blue. certainly its no usual class, u dont really need to know how to integrate, or apply fermi-dirac in this class, its a class where u can make those Golden keys, 4 flat people feel like how you feel in other classes. the class is open ended, and the topic to discuss is an open topic.

the what if topic pops up, like how kok jin wat if roddict do this and that could he beat federer, bla bla.. what if i stand on my groud? what if that time i went to KDU with Rizal to inquire about the law course, would i be enjoying my classes now? which is more to a routine of couting and calculation?will i having a good time if i were to wrote law as my first choice instead of engineering in the application form to MMU?

sometimes we do thing without any particular reason, like mom say during breakfast "there are no reason we fall in love and there are no reason that we fall out of it, it just happens" but my choice for engineering have a reason or more like vetod. off to do Power E tutorial, hope finally got a green light for the mini P, and if i would take the post in HYPE club, wish i could balance everything, because time is running out for me here, to decorate my CV.

another personal fav from the king of pop:

have u seen my uni hood?
People say i'm not okay
'Cause i love such elementary things
It's been my fate to compensate
For the uni life
I've never known
Before you judge me
Try hard to love me
The painful uni life
I've had

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Enquiry by (MACC) Mother Anti-Corruption Commission

yesterday and today was day off for me... well.. class was cancel and after 3 weeks of mini P i tought its time for me to catch up on my other subjects although there is a quiz on Monday. So the place was to study in the morning and do the revision on the quiz in the evening before goin for 1st kickboxing class of the new semester. But.... *jeng jeng jeng*

after a beautiful sleep on a cold wednesday rainy morning, i got a phone called. well, you see, i live in a country where, the governer,prime minster, finance minister, and the judiricial head is the same person. well, welcome to Gan-land.

the phone call was a serious one. it open the flood gate into my account. I was require to show proof of my expenditure for the last year, due to some rm 15 k letter sent by the organization for us student called, "year round santa clause" or in a formal term PTPTN.

but this account of mine is a secret. nobody should know about the transaction. it might bring my other 'countryman/woman" down with me and land all of us into trouble enforce by this 'government'. no i don have a spending habit, and no i wont go to rehab for it. as shallow as the yin might say ' i love money' heck i do too. and nobody should cut my supply for my drug.

facing MACC this time i dont have a legal team, thus whole evening i was at the finance office and the bank, to figure out if there any numbers that could be change.but numbers are number they are there and cant be change just like kayu. in the end i face the music with the truth and nothing but the truth.

due to this incident, penang/langkawi might just be put in jeapordy. and my laptop bag too.togather with the Roul shirt, and probably a new wallet, too bad i have to decline the Burberry's, and my eye for an i-phone and a Britling's can be good as a dream with my wallet will be very very closely monitored.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

oh my fergie

valencia??? seriously?

is like buying