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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

things and around

today after dinner at haka village, i went up to walk Pei Se home, using stairs, on the way up we saw him, he is seating by the stair waiting for the gf. looking sad and bit patheticly waiting by the stair. normally he would wait or hand out inside the house, but after the incident with a certain no insurance mouth girl, things have change. well i wont be a coward and name her as a third party. well he fought with Yin.

well Yin finally got the taste it. well, i personally tasted it before. it just suck your soul out, when u wanna say something, u just cant say it, instead u must think and think again, its like living in a world full of sensitive pussy.but we gonna step into the working world, where there won't be any mercy. its cruel yes, even for those who have it good for them, like Micheal Jackson, eventhough he is rich, but there are also certain media idiots try to cause trouble. like in Staple Center during the memorial service of the king of Pop,

rev. Al-Sharpton told the kids " there is nothing unsual about death of your father, but the things that he have gone through during his lifetime is something unsual.

As we said goodbye to a legend last nite, thinking back some of his greatest hits, for me its this song

watchin the music video he done with his ex-wife, the daughter of elvis where she go almost nude at a young age, but the song do overpower the graphic scene. growing up with his songs, its different from what people my age grow up with today. the more hip-hop/rock culture do really portay an image when u go to the mall u can see those that their jeans that barely holding on to their butt. and the F bomb is just being let go like a norm. thanks MJ, for being a pop culture icon, and an embassador to people to promote peace and love.

this sem, its really been busy one for me personally. monday feels like tuesday, and tuesday feels like wednesday. 3rd week feels like week 10. because the late night dateline and the last minute study.its really been challenging. tomorrow, am still wonder if i should take up the post at HYPE club. with the mini P playing a big role, and also occupied a big portion of my time. i would really like to spend time with my frens that are on holidays, Raja, Vicki, sonia, pei ling, gurdip, maybe just a quick catch up, but the time have been jam packed. either that or i have a poor time mangement.

last weekend is the first time am back home on a friday. its been before this either saturday or sunday, and back here on a sunday night.well, things have been really been disappointing last week. but lucky for me, there this place that i could always go. this lil place, and accidentally that time they have some band playing music from the local scene. guess no matter where u are, if you are in different place, u try to fit in, but there are only one place that u know u belong there, u don need to try, it just come naturally, it is call the hood. its all hood at the old hood ( watch snoop dog fatherhood on E! for the vocab)

this semester there are this subject that really got everyone's attention. Law for engineering. i am not sure about the other class, but madam Umi class rocks.regardless its from 6-9 Pm on a monday, certainly blow away the Monday's blue. certainly its no usual class, u dont really need to know how to integrate, or apply fermi-dirac in this class, its a class where u can make those Golden keys, 4 flat people feel like how you feel in other classes. the class is open ended, and the topic to discuss is an open topic.

the what if topic pops up, like how kok jin wat if roddict do this and that could he beat federer, bla bla.. what if i stand on my groud? what if that time i went to KDU with Rizal to inquire about the law course, would i be enjoying my classes now? which is more to a routine of couting and calculation?will i having a good time if i were to wrote law as my first choice instead of engineering in the application form to MMU?

sometimes we do thing without any particular reason, like mom say during breakfast "there are no reason we fall in love and there are no reason that we fall out of it, it just happens" but my choice for engineering have a reason or more like vetod. off to do Power E tutorial, hope finally got a green light for the mini P, and if i would take the post in HYPE club, wish i could balance everything, because time is running out for me here, to decorate my CV.

another personal fav from the king of pop:

have u seen my uni hood?
People say i'm not okay
'Cause i love such elementary things
It's been my fate to compensate
For the uni life
I've never known
Before you judge me
Try hard to love me
The painful uni life
I've had

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