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Thursday, July 16, 2009

small talk

time certainly move quite fast this semester.in less than 2 weeks, its mid term exam, and new week, assignment have to give progress report,lab reports and the mini P experiment on friday which is a bummer reli.everyone in the team have been working hard for it,sadly still we cant find our weakness. Group 7 it seems the favourites now for Nanotech 09.

to be honest i wish there is the 'click' remote where i can pause the time, and get away from these work load, but i guess this is no more kindergarten, its one thing bad when u are old is you have responsiblities. if u kill someone, u will b trial in the court, not the juvenille court no more, and death sentence can b applied, if u make someone pregnant, u are bound to the responsibility to in the end marry them,what ever we do now,it seems to have a greater impact and consequences.

disppointment from the Mini P is demotivating, my nagging body part is annoying, it feels like am 100, i mean normally these muscle pain will go after a good night sleep, but its been here for a few days sigh..so before i continue to sulk about the mini P i guess i better stop here.

p/s: come support team thunder ball at 1 u this sat

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