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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Enquiry by (MACC) Mother Anti-Corruption Commission

yesterday and today was day off for me... well.. class was cancel and after 3 weeks of mini P i tought its time for me to catch up on my other subjects although there is a quiz on Monday. So the place was to study in the morning and do the revision on the quiz in the evening before goin for 1st kickboxing class of the new semester. But.... *jeng jeng jeng*

after a beautiful sleep on a cold wednesday rainy morning, i got a phone called. well, you see, i live in a country where, the governer,prime minster, finance minister, and the judiricial head is the same person. well, welcome to Gan-land.

the phone call was a serious one. it open the flood gate into my account. I was require to show proof of my expenditure for the last year, due to some rm 15 k letter sent by the organization for us student called, "year round santa clause" or in a formal term PTPTN.

but this account of mine is a secret. nobody should know about the transaction. it might bring my other 'countryman/woman" down with me and land all of us into trouble enforce by this 'government'. no i don have a spending habit, and no i wont go to rehab for it. as shallow as the yin might say ' i love money' heck i do too. and nobody should cut my supply for my drug.

facing MACC this time i dont have a legal team, thus whole evening i was at the finance office and the bank, to figure out if there any numbers that could be change.but numbers are number they are there and cant be change just like kayu. in the end i face the music with the truth and nothing but the truth.

due to this incident, penang/langkawi might just be put in jeapordy. and my laptop bag too.togather with the Roul shirt, and probably a new wallet, too bad i have to decline the Burberry's, and my eye for an i-phone and a Britling's can be good as a dream with my wallet will be very very closely monitored.

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