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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Generation Y

after a good law class on monday night, today is another good news, it was raining the whole day, it was so cool, add some decoration, and christmas music, it will certainly create the christmas atmosphere, add some christmas buffett, and its all set.

in law class madam Umi, stressing on how we, the younger generation or generation Y can make a different, can undo all those mistakes that have been done by generation X, the older one. from my point of view, she hit the nail right into the head in all her point, all the msg and the issues that i've tried to convey all this while is done in 30 minutes of Madam Umi talk. i might present it wronly that why i got a lot of negative feedback for some might ask " hey u not chinese ar?" but thank God, finally someone could convey that message. everyone was pumped up and physc about it,sadly, there only less than 30 ppl in the class to listen to Mdm Umi.

sad to say, generation Y, FAIL. big time. having a meeting today, sadly some still playing the race card. in a meeting or even communication the most important part is understanding. a history lesson here is, why there are traders from east and west like china, india come to Melaka during Melaka's glory day, they come to melaka to trade. one of the main factor is the language, they feel the language is each to communicate as everyone would understand it.

back to the 21st century, there also a common medium among everyone, which is English which is in fact the international language, mayb lots people learning chinese today, due to the booming economy of china, but the medium of communication in the international scene is still english, rather you go to the UN, or the ASEAN meetings, people speak ENGLISH and mayb some conference they have those fancy machine to translate.

perhaps those who in the meeting feel more comfortable speaking in chinese,well, nobody is forced to speak in the other language, but out of courtesy for everyone in the room, the minority also been taken into consideration. but in the same mistake as generation X did, generation Y too is too ignorance.

the changes, the obama's "yes we can" i think it will take longer time for that change, maybe perhaps the next generation after generation Y.so many changes still are to be done and work on, but like Micheal Jackson's man in the mirror would say

If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change

i would really glad to learn and catch up in my chinese, but at same time, i hope i will not repeat the same mistake others do. it makes me realise what one of my good mate told me last weekend, "home never change huh?" seating in a mamak with 3 punjabi's a guju and 2 other chinese, well, the 3 punjabi's could speak in their own language, and so does the other 2 chinese frens of mine, instead, not to let the guju feel out, we speak in english where everyone could understand. mayb i would feel a lil sad if my name would be called for the laptop lucky draw, but with these friends, i shall have no regrets meeting them and feeling right at home. at same time, nobody can say anything if they want to speak in the language they are comfortable in, thats no wrong in it.

as might not be perfect but, am glad to have good frens from different races. some might say am a banana, but i'll say I am a Malay ( wait for it) sian LAH!


Anonymous said...

You might have friends with different races, but remember u made the friendship when you're still a kid - in school.But what about uni? you still mix around chinese most of the time.don't you think you have become one of them also when you never notice that?

julian said...

dear anonymous, thanks for ur comment, hope next time you could identify yourself. am guessing ur someone from MMU. well, i stand to be corrected, but i don feel to be a kid when in school. even when we are 16 our activities is kinda more to what Uni student doin now. mayb its not a mature thing to do, but its similar to what UNi student do. mayb we been brought up differently, you are forgiven for ur assumption

but steping into a UNi,its a culture shock, that the ppl are divided into thick races group.

they say its a survival of the fittest, yes no doubt the majority of my frens here are Chinese, but have u ever seen me not speak to other races? have u ever see or hear me to describe other races as pigs like some would do? are my frens that i made in school that you consider as kid, time is not my frens now? yes i DO have a life outside uni, and i don live my life in just a box.

thanks again for the comment, but seriously, make some homework before u leave any comment regarding me pls? thanks ya.