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Monday, July 27, 2009

dr moron

question: must u know the language, only considered as u have visited the place?

dear DR ***

it all start when i went into the lift in FOE and there this lecturer with the "DR" title. fine, the dude might study a lot. but among us average joes student, we don really like him, unless u are a computer student trying to kiss some ass. u see, the previous semester, he sort of use his power to indirectly force us to buy his book that he wrote. why? obviously to make money.

back to the story, today i wore my "Salzburg" T. i got it when i visited Austria, actually my brother got it for me and my sister. all of us have the same T. well this lecturer spoke softly in german, to me, and i go "huh?" and he was like " haha, i was speaking to u in Austrian, obviously u never been there before" and walk out of the lift... and gone in thin air, not like he is thin lah.

is it his bitchy-ness or he dumb-ness really tick me off. somehow at same time i feel sad that my university have such an ignorance lecturer, stupid, and also naive.

being a DR, i assume he study a lot, and not to my suprise he probably study the language before he visit the country. yes for me visiting new country is about learning their culture, bla bla bla.... but the big picture is am a friking TOURIST! yes its no doubt its helpful to know the language before visiting, but if i were to visit Japan, do i spend 2 years learning japanese before flying? and am sure those who learn japanese, not all have step foot in Japan before.

DR dr dr.... in that 4 wall of box you live in, with those thick fat book that u read often, and living in denial with the theme " knowledge is power" , in denial because u cant get the big job, and make the big money, thus u just read the big books. as important as knowledge is, well, i cant really wait to master a language which takes more than 2 years only to travel, plus its not cost effective, imagine those money u spend on taking language classes. there are more than 100
countries in the world, and our life is too short to master all the language and yet is not too short to visit at least 20-30 countries, get at least that ammout of hard rock T is consider as an accomplishment.

instead of reading those book DR, i suggest you see life it self as a book, and those who doesn't travel only read a page of it. instead of reading, i would suggest stay connected. example, if i were to visit Japan, instead of studying the language, i would instead call up Miku, or Toshi or Chori, which is a local, what other better way to get around by getting around with the local? but than again, its impossible to stay connected in some many country, and a solution to that is, be more advanterous, be lost in translation. get lost, learn new route, see new things, perhaps
accidentally u will find something magical. but seeing u learning the language before visiting, i guess, last time when u were small u are those type that got bully, thus u fear, u are scared and wont take the risk, everything u do must have an insurance. sad sad....

been to Manila for a month, yet i cant speak any tagalok, been in Europe for 3 weeks, no i cant speak italian or german, been in thailand for a few time, no, i cant speak thai, been to indonesia, even if it is similar to bahasa malaysia, still cant speak it. nope i cant speak burmese either.

in conclusion, i really doubt ur PHd, maybe you have the technical skills, but ur human skill are just like those in the kindergarten, no wonder u r just confine in ur 4 wall. thus from now i shall christsen you DR MORON

dear DR moron,
wish u were here instead of reading or watching the show

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