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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

team brats vs team mmu

after agree to join yee kean for the dodgeball competition next weekend during dinner at hAkka village, i got an e-mail from brats. they are the organiser togather with RAGE. they are forming 2 teams, that is made out of brats member.being one, a member of brats, it does put me in the situation a lil..

team brats


team mmu

Asking cav is like a no brainer as she is a brats of course its obivous the answer. but looking at the situation, where i might not know any of them now as every year there are new breeds of brats and those that i might know, probably wont be joining anymore, i guess i would stick to
team MMU.

brats certainly gave me a wonderful experience,sad thing is, that i never join their activites anymore, the year end camp always clashes with short semester. thus the chance of 'senior-ing' is out of the question. the closest i came is the one in Kajang is mid year, but that time, i have a stretch of mid term. sigh... i wish i was

thinking of the glory days just like it happen yesterday, today am fat with a tummy and struggling to get through classes. if i have second chance, i would certainly change a lot of my decision, i would probably keep in touch in everyone from brats, the mistake i made is, that i focus on one person that time. probably be closer and paying more attention during the photography classes. yes i played DSLR with multiple flashes, the one reporter use when i was 17. wonder what the fuss bout it nowadays anyways- flizzardo.
some of us still studying, some turn in an regular in the blogging scene jolyn. some turning into a debator in borneo, some even that i near to me like USCI.

zooming back to reality,

There's always going to be another mountain
I'm always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,

3 years and 2 more to go.... how i wish lit review is easy as relating 17 again and miley cyrus and put it into one...

when go to trip, some might ask why i don join in the cam-whore?
either i've grown out of it, or just traumitize from this experience :p

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LilJo said...

Ahahaha.. U aint that old lar now.. said til as if ur aging with balding scalp d..