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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

with the sem break is coming at the end of the month, exams on monday, tomorrow with the Mini P experiment and the submission of the assignment, sigh... reli don feel like doin any of it. instead here is the 3 show that i wanted to catch

TOP 3 movies to watch

great actor in Johnny depp as a lead, and movie about mafia's. mafia's always can count me in.
saw the thrailler since i catch terminator, been anticipating it, but weeks and weeks something pops out and still, is the movie that i wanted to catch. maybe its not one of those famous franchinse movie like transformers or harry potter, but based on the true story of the 1940's mafia in the US. certainly a mouth watering one..

never miss a harry potter movie before since the first one. but never read the book either since the first one. but this movie is one of those movie that i've grow up with. seriously, like 10 years ago or so since their debut, its always amusing and no matter what people might say, its cool to see the magic and the dorm that harry and his frens live in. but am guessing, the cinema will b pack for this one.

John travolta and denzel, what a combination. 2 great actors. and John playing the bad guy. kinda remind me of face/off. Got my attention when catchin E-news that join did not attend the premier because, he is still down from his child's death. nice show, not a bad review, about a subway got hijacked if am not mistaken.


Kok Jin said...

lol...i want watch harry potter as well..

julian said...

should b a nice one since its the last installation