If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

moon river

moon river.. who would understand and listen eh?

last day of hols...

some love.. from mom n sis

sqaure orange-sweet

a sleeping child- at the curve

happy australia day

on saturday was australia day, reminded me of this song, waltzlin mathilda, one of australia folks song, while watchin maria sharapova kick butt. so go'd Australian day mate..

only hope..

I lay my head back down

And I lift my hands and pray .......

Friday, January 25, 2008


as all my previous post lately, anyone could tell that am really unhappy,and angry and feeling like breaking some people faces

but thursday, june 14 2007

someone told me "you ARE my dream. so can i catch you?" really touched me a lot. i know that person still remembers it.

the gap at teeth, now the gap at heart :(

why alcohol are created? such harmful liquid to be consume that bring more misery than anything else. it will cause accident wen you drink and drive which will cost u r life, you will get spoilt your body part wen you drink too much, and mixing it up can be a deadly cocktail too. drinking always remind me of what happen at sunshine, as a group of fucker, lead a girl to a car. i doubt the girl will ever live to tell the tail. getting rape or molested, its hard to face up to the public and yourself. we might drink with friends, but as long as its a guy, there are always hormone raging. so why drink and get wasted and the hang over feel so bad that you will feel like crap??isn't it just dumb to come to think of it? you spend your money on alcohol and you feel like trash after that.and why must v buy drink for others? to impress them? to take advantage?a courtesy? why cant people just fuck off and mind their own business, if they wanna drink, just drink themself.

"wish u will stop :( "

"shot" that shot a hole in my heart.. :(

my body hurt just like those who shake their body whole night dancing, but worst of all my heart feel like been shot just like the shot in the bar. its sad that just 1 bling of an eye, things change so drastic. have i like the one that have no feelings at all?to just accept things that i don fancy. even wen i try to make things rite again, i been shot down.such hunger for freedom and such trust on friends, sadly change one. words can describe how devastated i am.am lost like a child in the lonely forest, not knowing what is in store. yet i don't really know what i DID to deserve all this. what happen to all those promises? thing in the world change, but why cant we appreciate whats in front of us?instead just push them away...

how can u ment this broken man?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

decisions..... :(

its scary how wen ppl decide on somethin, nothing could ever change their mind. mayb these kinda ppl might be our future leader, but for me, i would try think of the effect and the pros n cons that wat might happen, and ..........

end of a hols..

selamat datang ke kuala lumpur
pavilion on monday.

i came into the world on 4th december1988.its a long way have come till today. soon i will b packing my bags and off to MMU. the first time i saw the new semester's note, i don really have a god feeling bout the semester. why i must give so much time on this acedemic? i mean i used to NOT to care bout books or revision untill exam come till that very day of 2002. although not caring bout studies n having fun with frens don really give me a bad result, but the weird thing is, wen i work harder, its harder even to just pass, although it should make it easier since i pay more attention to studies, but it works the opposite for me.
soon, things will change again, i will be moving and bidding goodbye to dear old bangsar. place where i spend lots of my growing up years. lots people i know live here, so its a very HARD thing to leave. will be leaving to Bukit Tinggi, klang, yes behind the new jusco.but den again, don goodbye bangsar already happen in 06 wen i leave for Melaka?
things are hard sometimes.living with expectation n living to please and adjust to others need. if i were to be selfish, i will be an insensitive jerk, who wont tolerate to anything and will be making more enemy than friends and of course will be very insulting. though i know some might say, i do still cause trouble, guess they din know me during my trouble making years huh? but den again who actually knows me?some who just knew me said am crazy and some that knew me during my upper secondary years think i supremely confident, that why i always perasan.maybe those how i seems to appear in their eyes, but...... "look at me , you may think you see who i really am, but you'll never know me."

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


i was at the curve yesterday and went to "add-on"- adidas store, to check out some shoes and den...

salesguy:can i help u?
me: no thanks, just looking around
salesguy:am here if u need anything

some red and white sneakers caught my eye but.......

the salesguy with a white n black sneakers came and...

salesguy: this is the "stan smith" model as you can see, its great for casual or for tennis. a very popular among famous tennis player.

me: (giving and nod my head)- a polite way to say... its ok i don need ur help now

salesguy: maybe one day, you met with some hot chic that play tennis and u could be wearing this shoes, and she might be impressed.

me: (smile) thanks.. (walk out)

lesson: fantasizing during don't really work, just scare away your customer.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I try to smile my tears away
I try to keep m cool
But another door gets in my way I feel like such a fool
Tremble and bitter
My hearts just wants to bleed and

Believing in me

It seems like nothing is for certain
And nothing comes for free
When they lowering down the curtain
To the theater of my dream
I stumble and crumble
And sink to my knees..

Monday, January 21, 2008

i don't wanna talk bout it :(

I don't want to talk about it
How you broke my heart
If I stay here just a little bit longer
won't you listen to my heart?
would you listen?you already know and yet u doing it.......


the do'scutting down on..

working out, other than the normal effect, like shrinking your butt n having a healthy lifestyle, one important fact that some might not know, it also improve our mental health. its a tool to train our mind, and at the same time, get us out of depression. you know like wen you just wanna scream the F bomb or sometimes feel like puching that A hole that pissed you off but u cant, as you would get into trouble, try exercising

Sunday, January 20, 2008


PAVILLION!! finally i arrived.well hearad lots of rave bout the place, altho i din go roam around for long, maybe around 3 hours?as my mom wanted to go home. but its the opposite what i heard. there are LOTS stuff to buy here, and its not like some Bukit Bintang Gallery, there are also things that are afforable
well,the day start with a pleasent suprise that my dad actually start to trust me drive.had dim sum at teochew in pudu.den off we go to pavillion.
for starters, the parking of pavillion is not bad, i mean there are cars but kinda convinient to find the parking.except the exit where the ticket place is FAR from ur car, thus u need get down the car to insert the ticket to exit.
the toilet have a wonderful orange and frutti smell to it, and best of all the FORBID! and i shall repeat it FORBID smoking in the toilet!! and knowing Vain people these days, who love to take pic everywhere, they have HUGE mirrow. i starting to like the place already. shop like tangs do offer stuff like v don normally. even simple stuff like a diary made is such a desireable fashion.
the restaurant, its kinda like the curver, like shops La bodega, havn it open air.beautiful shops, beautiful food too! japanese charcoal steak! and like harrods, they hav like a while floor of FOOD!
and yes J.co doughnut!! even the line was long, i waited and finally got a taste of it, and probably the same as Big apple, anyhooo, it tasted GREAT. a whole new level of donuts!! especially the Al-capone's. belgium chcolate with coffee? how mouth watering is that?
in a nutshell, pavillion is a nice addition to the shopping and hang out place around KL.i shall give it a 4 and a half star rating :D
Instructions: Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head. Don't read the questions before you write, and tag 5 people to do the survey.

  1. Ashley CHIN
  2. raja bob ezman
  3. gan eng tuan
  4. low sek lan
  5. piadena rassiah
  6. vicki leong
  7. cav lim
  8. justin timberlake
  9. yee kean
  10. JJ
  11. ellen degeneres
  12. rizal
  13. amar
  14. pei ling
  15. colbie caillat
  16. wai luen
  17. kok jin
  18. kim foong
  19. meisiem
  20. yin funk

I tag : anyone who's bored enuff to do this like i am.

1. How did you meet 14(pei ling)?

during form 1 sport practise, she and nat come and talk to me.( but den again, who doesnt wanna talk to me right? hehehee jk)

2.What would you do if you had never met no.1(Ashley Chin)?

cant feel the next level of happiness that only she will bring.love u sweetheart ;D

3. What would you do if 20(yin funk) and 9(yee kean) dated you?

oh shit! not into gay, no offence to those gay ppl out there tho.

4. Would 6(vic leong) and 17(kok jin) make a good couple?

ahahahaha.... kok jin might express interest. too bad vicki only into indian guys. but doubt would make a good couple, huge gap in every single expect especially the thinking

5. Describe no.3(gan eng tuan)?

he is my dad. he's a dad lah

6.Do you think no.8 is attractive(justin timberlake)?

well, almost half of the world think he is..

7.Tell me something about no.7(cav lim)?

hav tons of interest can line them up the whole penang bridge

8. Do you know anything about no.12's(rizal) family?

yes... almost every single detail

9. What is no.8's(Justin T) favourite?


10. What would you do if no.11(ellen degenres) confesses that he/she likes you?

she likes girl....

11. What language does 15(colbie) speak?


12. Who is 9(yee kean) going out with?

apparently nobody, tho VERY mysterious

13. How old is 16(wai luen) now?


14. When was the last time you talked to 13(amar)?

not sure, weeks ago?

15. Who is no.2's(bob) favourite singer?

bob from AF? or siti?

16. Would you date no.4(low sek lan)?

she been there since the day am born she is the one and only.........my MOM!

17. Would you date 7(cav lim)?

am staying faithful and she love being single, so NOOOOOOoo

18.Is 15(colbie) single?

not sure, go check E!

19. What is 10's(JJ) last name?

wong Juen Jie

20. Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11(ellen) ?

she into GIRLS!

21. What school does 3(Gan eng tuan) go to?

golfing school by coach rajakelly

22. Where does 6(vicki leong) live?

a HUGE mansion at bukit pantai and also in new zealand

23. What's your favourite thing about no.5(dena)?

a true fren, not those who belive rumours and not their friend

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tony bourdain: malaysia

Tony Bourdain. thing is, his show is not only some food show, it also describe the culter of the places. guess.. its bettter for u to watch the clips den you will understand, while listening to what he says too especially during the ending part..

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


"ya puan-puan, hari ni kita masak burger special ala ramlee BAGAIKAN CARLS JR"

telur,roti,keju,mentega dan daging burger


masukkan daging burger keatas kuali yang panas dengan api yang kecil.

masukkan lada putih untuk menambahkan perisa

pecahkan telur dan pukulkan telur sehingga telur kuning pecah

masukkan telur kedalam kuala dan masukkan keju apabila telur hampir masak



Tuesday, January 15, 2008

should i?

shall i just let it go?
all the grudge
all the sh**
do i just grow out of the anger?
be a bigger person
forget the past
embrace the new?
hope it be a new start..

Sunday, January 13, 2008

CNY deco shop

east meet west

nice deco at one of the batik shop

creative handycraft


today was another family day for me. as planned, breakfast with long lost uncle. well, its not he is not exactly lost, but he is one of those black sheep in the family and cost lots of trouble to the family. but then again, the silver lining from my grandma sickness have patch things back.as man of many connection and been living in KL most of his life, so he know where to get all the food. thus he bring us to taman cougghnout( the spelling am not so sure) for dim sum.place is FULL of people, but the service kinda fast and the FOOD kinda OK. after chit chat with lots of laughter, mom decide to go to Petaling street. yes CHINA TOWN.

parked at mom's office. and the guard with some intersting story. while waiting for dad from the wash room. he telling his life story with after divorce, he still can talk with his wife and eat at the same table and how he and his wife invite each other to their weddings even tho they already divorce and re-marry with other people.
first stop:

central market or Pasar Seni. its been a while seen i've been here. like always, there are changes around. still there are lots of wonderful and beautiful painting around and also potrait of lots of our country's famous people from the great Tan Sri P.Ramlee to political figure like the father of our nation, Tunku Abdul Rahman. and the best part of all, it all done by our local artise. there also wooden carving make into some really really really crative creation like a note book, book marker,clock and lots more. and with local motive like the baju kebaya and batik. just looking at all the creation just make you proud to be a Malaysian and being able held our head up high with pride with a perfect demostration that our country is RICH with herritage and culture. what caught my eyes is, the batik painting. would be great if can have those in my new room. its like the wayang kulit, or in english, shadow play?the painting is a set of the play. but i've heard the most rubbish line ever..."we are christian, cant have that around" WTF?!! what does shadow play have gotta do with religion.... if ONLY i have my own place i tell u, lots of mask or statue from bali or the olden knights or worrior as a deco. the bad part is, there lots of foreign worker which is scary with long long hair and they don look clean if i have to put that in a nice way.

stop 2:

after the awful black dark poisonous smoke from the bus, from central market to PEtaling street. there it was the trademark or landmark of the place. hotel malaya,where Althantuya case was goin on. the flower market, and of course fake handbags, and the number one and the epitome of Petaling Street, the DVD. with title from the Box office like "i am legend" to more appealing for teens today, with title like "wet wet vietnam"- think you all should know what i mean, are sold openly here. and there are lots of food vendor too, seling curry puff, pau, apam, and another thing the place is famous for, Longan drink, which seriously will bring u r temprature from 100- 0. real cooling stuff. and there also the famous Kiew Brothers, with the pork. and soon nearer to new year i bet they will be very busy. so we arrived to the place where they sell the CNY decoration. am glad that i bought the decoration last year, make my mom buy the decoration this year, to brighten up grandma place in the spirit of CNY. so its like a tradition thing, to buy it every year. after hours walking around petaling street, we finally when back home.

the bad:

with lots of fake goods in Petaling Street, from rolex to LV bags and gucci footwear, i think its good for the business.those branded brands are supposedly exclusive are no longer exclusive as their brand being sold for as low as rm20 bux per handbags plus the copy was so real and the production too was kinda massive thus, the exclusive-ness is no longer there. and you can hardly tell if its fake or original unless you look at it closely. but den again, when there is demand there always the supply.so mayb, if the buying stop mayb the supply might stop too?

the good:

those batik sell at central market, have a very nice design, and a reasonable price. if only the same thing sold at KLCC? it would be double or triple the price. plus its not those tradtional kind of batik, its actually fashionable.

the worst:

one mother at petaling street, actually let her son, pee at the sidewalk in Petaling street. that poor boy's pant actually was pulled down and a few people might seen his u know wat.the kid probably have trauma after that. and scar him for life!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

do diffrent things day


spot light?
the huge tv at the tv room
Mad Mad day... that is how today was. but then again, i had fun.. the day started not so brightly as the dog barking asking me get up " ok if u don wanna get up am leaving u" a moment later......
"wake up!" sigh...
well, reached my mom office around 10++, to photostat my tutorial and lecture chapter 5,switching circuit if am not mistaken. oh well, i do try IF i can to prepare a bit for the next semester. then went to dentist as my sister wan her teeth fix. oh well, she have undergo a surgery to remove her wisdom tooth.luckly its NOT today. but den again, me and my mom waited for an hour plus for her check up.
took the train to kelana jaya, to meet dena and vicki. wonder what happen to good ole Mid Valley! apparently they told me today is "doing things differently day". so thats why no Mid Valley. as we twist and turn around the LDP, finally arrived at Asia cafe. heard lots bout this place, especially from taylors fren like dharmik,as its the place where most of the student from taylors and Inti come and eat
as we got no idea what to do after that. the plan changed from sunway piramid to klcc and in the end we end up at ......................................... THE MALL. as ms.leong wanted to get in touch with her childhood and go on the Pirate ship at the amusement park.sadly for her... the ship probably have sunk. so off we went for a walk and end up in some 'why pay more' stall selling school item from begs to Uno card for 5 bux. also some elctronics stuff
went to Mc d's as some ppl was hungry again!, and as hard as i try to resist it... i ordered the curly fries.after goin and mess up the Cold storage, we went up again for some Milo @ Mc d.
off home after that but we got some bright idea to go to Vicki's mansion or hotel of a house to check out some ahem, big ppl profile on friendster, and we end up watching some russel peters.and leave the house as dena sent me home, gurdip and her friends was under my house, as we chatted for a while, bummed into my sister and we went to lucky gardens to get some rojak and cendol.
the moment of the day was should be vicki's dad.
dena: hi uncle doin ur work?* as he was at the laptop*
uncle:yea yea.. VERY serious job
* to the shock for me and dena, the guy was............................ drum roll.....................................................................................................................................................................................
playing pacman!!!!*
he was SO INTO the game!!!!! damn cute*
the line of the day "chinese and indian cant make business togather. the indian always wan to discounts, and the chinese wont give any" - russel peters

Friday, January 11, 2008

another in MMU?

*message.. message!.. message!!... message!!!*
the phone rang
and the message says
"what course are u taking now? am tought of quitting a levels and join u"

the reply
"engineering. electronics major in nanotech"

the reply of the reply
" so need to complete the foundation than only can choose rite? coz i got the offer letter for the foundation course"

* u already got the fricking offer letter?!*
the reply of the reply of the reply
"yea.. just complete a yaer of yout foundation than choose"

Thursday, January 10, 2008


when small i have lots of dreams... most and top of the list is to fly a plane.i promised my friend to drive he and his girlfriend to genting with my very own X5 after flying my plane and see the wonderful world and earn the big bux. but years goes by, lots of ting change. he switches 2 gfs and welll, FAR from owning a X5 or flying a plane.yes its depressing and sad as it sound.

my other wishes was to be one of the guys in the pit crew from Maranelo, yes the scarlet red unifrom of ferrari pit crew.but i guess thats just an infactuation as i only into that when i watching them.

dream sometimes can push someone to greater heights and sometimes can make one just DREAM day by day. disappointment from a dream can crush one's spirit and never come back be the same person again.

one chinese saying says we shall not compare our success with others. as others might achieve greater success that would make us feel like our success is nothing and we wont be happy and in the same time having a low esteem.but den again, pressure of succeeding seems greater and greater each time.external pressure from surrounding. it would be great to be a child again, innocent sweet young child, who just have their own world without any worries and woes.

"I come to YOU as a child, guide me to raise like the phoenix from the ashes, Lord show me the light"

sing lalalala

everyone but me

the ladies( aunties)

mr.gan in action

z old man

ex asst police director and mrs

its the first time ever i step into Red box. this time at the curve. to meet up with my dad's old friend from home town. No i have no idea who they are, altho some i might c a few time during christmas or cny. oh well, the place is not so bad.kinda fancy too. big room, big sofa, huge screen and 2 other small flat screen tv. one to play ps2 and another to watch tv i suppose. and no i did not sing any song. all those old folks sing their song from "blueberry hill" to "hey jude". tho its kinda nice like even though they are old and most of them are retired or soon to be retiring, they still keep in touch after all the years.and apparently there are suppose to be more frequent gathering like this.

for me, am bored coz i don sing and i dono anyone there. and even the ps2 kinda a bit troublesome as its kinda hang. and wasting my 6 bux buying deck of card to teach my sister to play "chor tai ti" seems wasteful as we onli played a handful of game. thus, i went out on my quest, and according to Ashley, it is called "retailed therapy"

"oh wooolen jacket oh woolen jacket... would u come with and i-phone :) "

result of "retailed therapy"

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

american gangster

a MUST watch. rating 5 star. i watch it yesterday. it was a brilliant display by danzel washington as a black gangster and also russel crow as the cop. plus the couch was good, i could practically sleep on it. oh wait... i did lay down while watch the show :) . although there area lots of talking, and the scene kinda dark, it certainly demostarte how new york was like in the 70'- 80' especially around harlem.and the violent of the show, very realistic and its based on a TRUE story! go watch!

gonna go for a karaoke session with old folks later... this is BAD............ :(

Monday, January 7, 2008

cost and gifts

the gifts.........
fresh from old trafford =)
what are u made of?


air max 90 plus

the cost..............

07 eve of christmas

one last time in the house
cant help but to post it up

no really..

momzie and sis

a child's fantasy

train set at the lobby

hilton's train set