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Thursday, January 24, 2008

end of a hols..

selamat datang ke kuala lumpur
pavilion on monday.

i came into the world on 4th december1988.its a long way have come till today. soon i will b packing my bags and off to MMU. the first time i saw the new semester's note, i don really have a god feeling bout the semester. why i must give so much time on this acedemic? i mean i used to NOT to care bout books or revision untill exam come till that very day of 2002. although not caring bout studies n having fun with frens don really give me a bad result, but the weird thing is, wen i work harder, its harder even to just pass, although it should make it easier since i pay more attention to studies, but it works the opposite for me.
soon, things will change again, i will be moving and bidding goodbye to dear old bangsar. place where i spend lots of my growing up years. lots people i know live here, so its a very HARD thing to leave. will be leaving to Bukit Tinggi, klang, yes behind the new jusco.but den again, don goodbye bangsar already happen in 06 wen i leave for Melaka?
things are hard sometimes.living with expectation n living to please and adjust to others need. if i were to be selfish, i will be an insensitive jerk, who wont tolerate to anything and will be making more enemy than friends and of course will be very insulting. though i know some might say, i do still cause trouble, guess they din know me during my trouble making years huh? but den again who actually knows me?some who just knew me said am crazy and some that knew me during my upper secondary years think i supremely confident, that why i always perasan.maybe those how i seems to appear in their eyes, but...... "look at me , you may think you see who i really am, but you'll never know me."

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