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Sunday, January 20, 2008


PAVILLION!! finally i arrived.well hearad lots of rave bout the place, altho i din go roam around for long, maybe around 3 hours?as my mom wanted to go home. but its the opposite what i heard. there are LOTS stuff to buy here, and its not like some Bukit Bintang Gallery, there are also things that are afforable
well,the day start with a pleasent suprise that my dad actually start to trust me drive.had dim sum at teochew in pudu.den off we go to pavillion.
for starters, the parking of pavillion is not bad, i mean there are cars but kinda convinient to find the parking.except the exit where the ticket place is FAR from ur car, thus u need get down the car to insert the ticket to exit.
the toilet have a wonderful orange and frutti smell to it, and best of all the FORBID! and i shall repeat it FORBID smoking in the toilet!! and knowing Vain people these days, who love to take pic everywhere, they have HUGE mirrow. i starting to like the place already. shop like tangs do offer stuff like v don normally. even simple stuff like a diary made is such a desireable fashion.
the restaurant, its kinda like the curver, like shops La bodega, havn it open air.beautiful shops, beautiful food too! japanese charcoal steak! and like harrods, they hav like a while floor of FOOD!
and yes J.co doughnut!! even the line was long, i waited and finally got a taste of it, and probably the same as Big apple, anyhooo, it tasted GREAT. a whole new level of donuts!! especially the Al-capone's. belgium chcolate with coffee? how mouth watering is that?
in a nutshell, pavillion is a nice addition to the shopping and hang out place around KL.i shall give it a 4 and a half star rating :D

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