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Sunday, January 13, 2008

CNY deco shop

east meet west

nice deco at one of the batik shop

creative handycraft


today was another family day for me. as planned, breakfast with long lost uncle. well, its not he is not exactly lost, but he is one of those black sheep in the family and cost lots of trouble to the family. but then again, the silver lining from my grandma sickness have patch things back.as man of many connection and been living in KL most of his life, so he know where to get all the food. thus he bring us to taman cougghnout( the spelling am not so sure) for dim sum.place is FULL of people, but the service kinda fast and the FOOD kinda OK. after chit chat with lots of laughter, mom decide to go to Petaling street. yes CHINA TOWN.

parked at mom's office. and the guard with some intersting story. while waiting for dad from the wash room. he telling his life story with after divorce, he still can talk with his wife and eat at the same table and how he and his wife invite each other to their weddings even tho they already divorce and re-marry with other people.
first stop:

central market or Pasar Seni. its been a while seen i've been here. like always, there are changes around. still there are lots of wonderful and beautiful painting around and also potrait of lots of our country's famous people from the great Tan Sri P.Ramlee to political figure like the father of our nation, Tunku Abdul Rahman. and the best part of all, it all done by our local artise. there also wooden carving make into some really really really crative creation like a note book, book marker,clock and lots more. and with local motive like the baju kebaya and batik. just looking at all the creation just make you proud to be a Malaysian and being able held our head up high with pride with a perfect demostration that our country is RICH with herritage and culture. what caught my eyes is, the batik painting. would be great if can have those in my new room. its like the wayang kulit, or in english, shadow play?the painting is a set of the play. but i've heard the most rubbish line ever..."we are christian, cant have that around" WTF?!! what does shadow play have gotta do with religion.... if ONLY i have my own place i tell u, lots of mask or statue from bali or the olden knights or worrior as a deco. the bad part is, there lots of foreign worker which is scary with long long hair and they don look clean if i have to put that in a nice way.

stop 2:

after the awful black dark poisonous smoke from the bus, from central market to PEtaling street. there it was the trademark or landmark of the place. hotel malaya,where Althantuya case was goin on. the flower market, and of course fake handbags, and the number one and the epitome of Petaling Street, the DVD. with title from the Box office like "i am legend" to more appealing for teens today, with title like "wet wet vietnam"- think you all should know what i mean, are sold openly here. and there are lots of food vendor too, seling curry puff, pau, apam, and another thing the place is famous for, Longan drink, which seriously will bring u r temprature from 100- 0. real cooling stuff. and there also the famous Kiew Brothers, with the pork. and soon nearer to new year i bet they will be very busy. so we arrived to the place where they sell the CNY decoration. am glad that i bought the decoration last year, make my mom buy the decoration this year, to brighten up grandma place in the spirit of CNY. so its like a tradition thing, to buy it every year. after hours walking around petaling street, we finally when back home.

the bad:

with lots of fake goods in Petaling Street, from rolex to LV bags and gucci footwear, i think its good for the business.those branded brands are supposedly exclusive are no longer exclusive as their brand being sold for as low as rm20 bux per handbags plus the copy was so real and the production too was kinda massive thus, the exclusive-ness is no longer there. and you can hardly tell if its fake or original unless you look at it closely. but den again, when there is demand there always the supply.so mayb, if the buying stop mayb the supply might stop too?

the good:

those batik sell at central market, have a very nice design, and a reasonable price. if only the same thing sold at KLCC? it would be double or triple the price. plus its not those tradtional kind of batik, its actually fashionable.

the worst:

one mother at petaling street, actually let her son, pee at the sidewalk in Petaling street. that poor boy's pant actually was pulled down and a few people might seen his u know wat.the kid probably have trauma after that. and scar him for life!

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