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Thursday, January 10, 2008

sing lalalala

everyone but me

the ladies( aunties)

mr.gan in action

z old man

ex asst police director and mrs

its the first time ever i step into Red box. this time at the curve. to meet up with my dad's old friend from home town. No i have no idea who they are, altho some i might c a few time during christmas or cny. oh well, the place is not so bad.kinda fancy too. big room, big sofa, huge screen and 2 other small flat screen tv. one to play ps2 and another to watch tv i suppose. and no i did not sing any song. all those old folks sing their song from "blueberry hill" to "hey jude". tho its kinda nice like even though they are old and most of them are retired or soon to be retiring, they still keep in touch after all the years.and apparently there are suppose to be more frequent gathering like this.

for me, am bored coz i don sing and i dono anyone there. and even the ps2 kinda a bit troublesome as its kinda hang. and wasting my 6 bux buying deck of card to teach my sister to play "chor tai ti" seems wasteful as we onli played a handful of game. thus, i went out on my quest, and according to Ashley, it is called "retailed therapy"

"oh wooolen jacket oh woolen jacket... would u come with and i-phone :) "

result of "retailed therapy"


shlee88 said...

retail dear. not retailed. hehe. u like shopping more than me huh? y nvr sing?

julian said...

see.. am just shopping not therapy-ing... don even know how 2 spell it.shy?! am a shy boi... :)