If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Friday, August 27, 2010


How do you describe Malaysia? 
I would describe it with coffee
Walk in a chinese hawker store and order a cup of coffee
You might say "Kopi O" which describe black coffee and the word 'Kopi' is coffee in bahasa
"Kopi O peng" again 'kopi' is coffee and 'peng' is ice in hokkien
"Kopi C" coffee and C is for the carnation milk. 

With just a simple order of a cup of coffee, we can simply describe Malaysia, a simple mix of various culture and mounding it self into its own unique identity with influence of it's past colonies. So what is your Malaysia?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amplitude vs Attitude

" Its your attitude that matters most not your amplitude" those are the words that rings in my ear for countless of time, whenever anyone found out that I am in the working world, even though it just for internship. At first I find it is just one of the thing old people nagging and nagging about it, so I kinda take it lightly.

However till I witness this myself, yes a good attitude is important in anything we do. The years old experience of the parents and all the other old people I met, surely there are some truth in it. After all, my few months of experience is just considered as infant stage.

Attitude is important as most of us are just normal mortal that always and everyday in a learning curve. Even though we think we know certain things, there is no harm in just listening again to a much more experience person, as there are some things that we might not know or have missed out.

The ' its not my job' attitude is just making ourself learn lesser. I belief as for chain of event that happen for past few days, things happen for a reason, and its up to us really on how to view it. Life as an intern I've already anticipate the others would give me job that nobody wants to do. Yes there are few ways to look at it. For example

  1. Am an "engineer" WTF you ask me to do a clerk job
  2. Lazy idiots giving me his/her job
and so on... however if we view it in a more positive manner, a clerk job is not simple too sometimes, maybe by doing typing we could enhance our Excel or Words skills. To align, adjust the cell size and so on. My point is here, at least there is something to learn. We won't rugi in doing job that is so called not in our job scope.
Other than learning new thing, it leaves a very good impression.

A good attitude will bring us for in life I belief and am sure our superior can tell with their vast experience, or even time could tell on what kind of attitude this person have.Together with second chance in life, I belief its never too late for anyone to change, to turn to the better.

Yes this is dedicate to you, the person whose eyes always glued to my laptop screen and can't mind your own business. This is no ordinary intern, capiche? thanx u bai.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Que sera sera

when I was just a little boy
I ask my mother what will I be
Will I be rich
Will I be handsome
Here's what she says to me
Que sera sera,
what ever will be will be, 
the future not ours to see
Que sera sera

Simple song with a meaningful and a straight forward lyrics, do bring me back to my primary school when I was picked to do a choir for this song. Surprising huh a school in Kelantan have this? 

Final year, Bachelor of Electronics Engineering majoring In Nanotechnology. Hopefully by this time next year, this will be my title, providing things goes smoothly. But, whats next? this time I got no game plan.
I belief that each of us is our own quarter back, we dictate our plays, although yes there are lots of factors that can change our path. 

So far my game plan are torn between two. To really go in the industry working in the factory or more towards marketing.

The internship surely open my eyes. The company I've attached to is doing sales. I've fortunate enough to be able to tag along to meet customers, and Thank the wonderful God that I did not face those angry customers.Yes I do like the feeling of suit-ing up. However doing sales is never easy, as there are so many type of people. Some are easy going and some are just a pain. 

On the other hand, step into the industry, do require lots of technical skills, if I have a hard look at myself at the mirror, am not the most technical person around. And once you are stuck at that department, its hard to switch. Again during this internship I was lucky enough to visit some factory. Their whole operation is kinda revolve around the factory.

But the experience of mini P, do trigger a part of me into the industry. I feel a sense of accomplishment and its quite an experience to be dealing with all the instruments that not all have the chance to handle.

Again my debate if I go towards the marketing side, whats next once I reach at the top? Because the next step is the boss, and there is no way I could replace the boss as they are the owner. Perhaps my lack of knowledge in searching a MNC of a marketing company that I could apply my engineering skills. Because MNC is my aim. As I would like to prove to myself I am not a jaguh kampung.

These are those important moment and an error will result in a waste of time. Perhaps I could enroll myself for another internship after am done with my studies. More like internship/vacation takeover training, to know what the old man is doing up north all these years. And there are also a few things that I would like to learn from the old master. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ramadan should b a year round event

Yes ramadan is here, means glorious FOOD! and FOOD and FOOD. Yesterday (friday) yes all those who are working or interning, its a day to look forward to, because the weekend is here! woot!

August have been kind to me in a way of catching up with my friends, especially those that I have not yet for months and months. As we go on, we will still be friends forever   , no its not time to sing the graduation song.The conversation we have its getting more adult? is that a right word?

For instance earlier of the month when  I went to Bubba Gump, Sunway as one of my close friend, Amar's birthday. His girlfriend wanted to make a surprise party for him, thus she contacted me via facebook. So there I was with few familiar faces, like Pei Ling who is back for summer break, and one of MMU's lecturer/tutor too was on the guest list. I find myself lost in the conversation as majority of them are in the IT world, only me and Pei Ling who is NOT on the IT field.

The following weekend I met up with Raja who is also back for Summer break, meeting up with our friends in Bangsar, the most of them start to talk about medical stuff, as majority are medics student.Graduating in a year's time I am still contemplating which field would I enter.

But back to yesterday (friday) was the first trip to ramadan bazaar this year. Rizal who came down just to meet up with us came with raja to the Seksyen 14 ramadan bazaar which is a walk away from my office. Although its a rainy day, that does not stop us, NO, in the spirit of the ramadan bazaar, rain or shine, we WILL go through it. Although this bazaar its not that big, I guess what means more to me other than the food is the period of waiting till the clock strike 7.30 p.m where its time to break fast. I mean its different when I go with my family to ramadan bazaar, as soon as we are in the car, the food is already half way gone while we are half way home. The waiting, the patience of those good smelling indulgence really put thing in perspective on the meaning behind ramadan, where its a period to reflect back, especially to the less fortunate one.

Spending time with some muslim friends and trying out their custom, well at least for an hour :P do make me understand them more, as understand leads more to a unity especially in the month of August, bulan kemerdekaan.

Friday, August 13, 2010


This morning while going through my daily rounds on Fb stalking, I bump into on one my friend picture. He have a similar name with me and we are born in a same state just his surname is Cheong. However, I check out his blog and found a trip that I missed. Why do i missed the trip, because that time I was a first year student in MMU doing my foundation and the trip is near the exam. Being a newbie and wanting to score well, thus I give the limited seat to my asst at Penang, Madeline.

But thats not the point of this post, this post is about how much I really missed doing something really meaningful. I found myself lost in my chase to material and luxury. There are something money can't buy for everything else there is master card like this Year End trip

Ah Cheong rafting

Building a playground

                                                                     Jo & ah Cheong

What I mean by meaningful here is the things that they do. Brats always a program that bring city slicker back to the basics and to the rural area and vice versa. It's an exposure for the participant to get familiar and what is outside from their own box of concrete jungle. Can take for example my cousins from singapore would chase the goat and chicken around when we are back in kampung, as they never see it before, other than Animal planet or the zoo.

Other than that, it teaches us to give back to the community. During this trip they build a play ground for the less fortunate. It is this kinda feeling that I miss, or the Angelina Jolie hormone in me is raging. But once you accomplish something that is meaningful and bring smile to others, when you can see joy in their eye or when they thank you. It just make u feel good about your self, better than musterbed

Rushing to go to Armsterdam to try their 'brownies' and all that. Today make me realise there are lot more to that. Of course trip abroad or as far as we can go, those are other kind of trill, the trip when u take with your frens, to do crazy stuff, well those are other type of trill..

Maybe some will take it me, remeniscene about Brats is like how Kok Jin always talk about his orchestra, but I guess each of us have a special affiliation that are close to our heart.

After being evil most of the time, I think this sort of trip would bring me more meaning on a personal level.Donating for charity I guess it's different when you do more to a hands on approach.

There are so many material things that we will chase, but once we stop chasing them and appreciate for what we have, they will start chasing us. Don't regret like me, instead having a lifetime and meaningful experience to able to help others,  I choose exam. "How many 10 years do we have? "- Chai Kau

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chinese language

As the start of my internship training, there are a few personal goal I set myself so I could go back to MMU, an improved person. Some of it is well, keeping fit. Too much of Taylor Lautner guess that only be hangat hangat tahi ayam as when you stay home, u tend to be feed. And ushering raya, the month of Ramadan, where one of the reason Malaysia is awesome is the time for ramadan bazaar. Taylor Lautner body can wait.

The other is to try to break the chinese language barrier. The language have been a barrier, as much as I hate to step out of my comfort zone of speaking english, it does limit my versatileness. In a country which have 3 major races, I think I do well in speaking Malay,and English. However chinese is always been a problem to me. Growing up in an area most that made up most of by Malay then Indian. Sometimes I do notice that some of my indian friend even speak bahasa with each other, if they cant speak their mother tongue. But I personally find it hard to speak to chinese because of my poor command of the language.

If you cant speak, you are labeled as banana, ang moh bear, OCBC and so on. Once I even got screwed by the chinese taxi driver when I cant communicate with him in chinese.

Sometimes I hate it when people talk cock about me in front of me assuming I don know a single  alphabet of chinese.

Thus I convince few of my colleague who kindly obliged to my request to help me with my chinese, it went ok although we are used to communicate in english, but when I have the mood, I speak chinese to them. They are kind enough not to burst into laughter of my pronunciation and even correct it.

However there is always a torn in between the roses. Sometimes we feel malu because certain word we can't say it properly and well.... in short just taking baby steps. So once when I kindly reply in the simplest form of mandrin, and torn or let just say a female version of a dog  replied in the most complicated chinese proverb. Yes I know I am just talking baby step, and I cant even speak a line clearly, is it a must really to be THAT demoralizing instead of being encouraging?

I mean if she speak in english, I would definitely piss on her. Pissing on someone is a debate term where you shoot a person till there is no chance for that person to safe or could give any reply what so ever.

So I found this as someone posted on FB

Roses are red,
Violet are blue,
I have 5 fingers
and the middle one is for you

Thank you and good night.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The chain law

The chain law, yes its true like the lemon law ,  its not a stuff of myth, its something in our society that is influence by sub concious and variable factors.

So let me explain how the chain law works. Ever seen a good looking hunk of a friking good looking chic that could melt your popsicle ?If you see them at the mall with their friend, you can find approximately around 87.95% of the people around them or with them are the same kind, the gorgeous good looking one. And if you stalk people on fb, you also will find their list of friend of group of friend are the same type with them. If those who love to show some skin, well their friends would show more or less similar skin.

On the other hand, if you see well, this is hard to say, but the a bit over the tip of the scale, you will find almost 75% of the time, they are in the similar community. Yes the chain law.

If we are shy or choose to live in denial that we don't check people out, fine. The chain law is versitile and could be tested when you are with your friends.

Try go for a drink at a mamak stall for example. Let say the first person order Teh tarik, it is likely the next person would order the same thing and the chain goes on, of course till some people break the chain. but you can see the trend following. Maybe one o the reason is the second person who order the drink is undecided on what he/she wanted .

Chain law.... true story.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Apa nak tulis ar? sudah banyak telah dilupakan. I meant to write on Thursday night as  there are something that really caught my eye. But in 24 hours or so... a lot of things can change. With just a snap your life can change I mean in an instant you could be a millionare with 33 million ringgit in ur bank ( before minus tax) by striking the 6D lottery supreme, which have snowballed into Rm 33 million. Worth a try with just Rm 2 to buy a chance.

But out of so many people of course its not so easy to strike the lottery kan? This week have been a lazy week at work, and I disappointed in 3 level oh no, macam nak present case untuk debate pulak  The first one I broke the rule of keeping things personal at work.Of course revenge is a bitch, but the bad thing is I've forgotten the fundamental rule.

On the other level is Thursday I did 2 things that I have not done for a few years, the first being writing a formal letter and the second one being going to pasar malam, and jongker street is not consider as pasar malam.

You see porno at the dvd peddeler, apam, fake crocs, woman socks, pjs, foods and ah moi selling durian... and you know u are in a pasar malam.This is after having dinner at my sister's place.However, while I am enjoying walking through pasar malam, even though am still in my working clothes,apparently there is a fight at a prominent mamak stall.

Being a kaypo, of course there are crowds gather and even a police patrol car with 2 officer. However, what really put a bitter taste to it is you know when in a fight, there is this mulut murai aunty trying to tell the story to the 'spectator' like me that just arrive.

And she said " lei tay la, chong yi yam teh tarik, roti canai, yi ka kak leng yan ta thong yan, yi kor mo thong yan, hoi tei Mmm tak ar"

yes my translation might not be as accurate as the ISO of chinese language, but in my heart, I really don't know what is 'thong yan or kak leng yan' why? because I am Malaysian. It is this kinda sentiment that easily makes people feel offended. The May 13 no doubt are spark with this kinda people. Are we that desperate to always use the race card to solve problem?  This remind me when I read a post by Yee Kean when he touch about how the older people influence our young mind, for example like ah kong money, and also chance to get scholarship and further education.

But at this race, I am sorry to our PM but his vision of 1 Malaysia wont come true because of the older generation that 'poisoning' the young mind. No matter how I don really like staying in Klang, but when I went to Indian street the other day, I saw Malaysia there. Although the majority of the tenant there are Indian ( thats y its called Indian street) I saw a big masjid, and at the back of it is a indian kuil, and further down a bit from the road is a church and not so distant away is a buddisht temple. For years all this places of worship is here and people just mind their own business and respect each other without creating a fuss.

There are 2 other things that really bug me, is FYP and also what the heck I wanna do after grad. There are lots of lecturer out there however they are looking at the cream of the crops, so who are going to take the average joes? And the location and the field that I wanna work in after grad. Am sure a lot is wondering "how i wish i could make a 180 turn and escape from engineering" kan? well, me too.. however I guess I don really have the courage I mean if I fail, those people who I have to go against to make the 180 turn will just pijak and pijak. Also for me, who don't really come from the wealthy family, I cant slowly try and error on other field.

Excuse me for don't really know what I am writting-lah, might delete this post or I just go to sleep. its 8.49 AM on a SATURDAY!!! WTFF