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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The chain law

The chain law, yes its true like the lemon law ,  its not a stuff of myth, its something in our society that is influence by sub concious and variable factors.

So let me explain how the chain law works. Ever seen a good looking hunk of a friking good looking chic that could melt your popsicle ?If you see them at the mall with their friend, you can find approximately around 87.95% of the people around them or with them are the same kind, the gorgeous good looking one. And if you stalk people on fb, you also will find their list of friend of group of friend are the same type with them. If those who love to show some skin, well their friends would show more or less similar skin.

On the other hand, if you see well, this is hard to say, but the a bit over the tip of the scale, you will find almost 75% of the time, they are in the similar community. Yes the chain law.

If we are shy or choose to live in denial that we don't check people out, fine. The chain law is versitile and could be tested when you are with your friends.

Try go for a drink at a mamak stall for example. Let say the first person order Teh tarik, it is likely the next person would order the same thing and the chain goes on, of course till some people break the chain. but you can see the trend following. Maybe one o the reason is the second person who order the drink is undecided on what he/she wanted .

Chain law.... true story.

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