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Friday, August 13, 2010


This morning while going through my daily rounds on Fb stalking, I bump into on one my friend picture. He have a similar name with me and we are born in a same state just his surname is Cheong. However, I check out his blog and found a trip that I missed. Why do i missed the trip, because that time I was a first year student in MMU doing my foundation and the trip is near the exam. Being a newbie and wanting to score well, thus I give the limited seat to my asst at Penang, Madeline.

But thats not the point of this post, this post is about how much I really missed doing something really meaningful. I found myself lost in my chase to material and luxury. There are something money can't buy for everything else there is master card like this Year End trip

Ah Cheong rafting

Building a playground

                                                                     Jo & ah Cheong

What I mean by meaningful here is the things that they do. Brats always a program that bring city slicker back to the basics and to the rural area and vice versa. It's an exposure for the participant to get familiar and what is outside from their own box of concrete jungle. Can take for example my cousins from singapore would chase the goat and chicken around when we are back in kampung, as they never see it before, other than Animal planet or the zoo.

Other than that, it teaches us to give back to the community. During this trip they build a play ground for the less fortunate. It is this kinda feeling that I miss, or the Angelina Jolie hormone in me is raging. But once you accomplish something that is meaningful and bring smile to others, when you can see joy in their eye or when they thank you. It just make u feel good about your self, better than musterbed

Rushing to go to Armsterdam to try their 'brownies' and all that. Today make me realise there are lot more to that. Of course trip abroad or as far as we can go, those are other kind of trill, the trip when u take with your frens, to do crazy stuff, well those are other type of trill..

Maybe some will take it me, remeniscene about Brats is like how Kok Jin always talk about his orchestra, but I guess each of us have a special affiliation that are close to our heart.

After being evil most of the time, I think this sort of trip would bring me more meaning on a personal level.Donating for charity I guess it's different when you do more to a hands on approach.

There are so many material things that we will chase, but once we stop chasing them and appreciate for what we have, they will start chasing us. Don't regret like me, instead having a lifetime and meaningful experience to able to help others,  I choose exam. "How many 10 years do we have? "- Chai Kau

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