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Monday, August 23, 2010

Que sera sera

when I was just a little boy
I ask my mother what will I be
Will I be rich
Will I be handsome
Here's what she says to me
Que sera sera,
what ever will be will be, 
the future not ours to see
Que sera sera

Simple song with a meaningful and a straight forward lyrics, do bring me back to my primary school when I was picked to do a choir for this song. Surprising huh a school in Kelantan have this? 

Final year, Bachelor of Electronics Engineering majoring In Nanotechnology. Hopefully by this time next year, this will be my title, providing things goes smoothly. But, whats next? this time I got no game plan.
I belief that each of us is our own quarter back, we dictate our plays, although yes there are lots of factors that can change our path. 

So far my game plan are torn between two. To really go in the industry working in the factory or more towards marketing.

The internship surely open my eyes. The company I've attached to is doing sales. I've fortunate enough to be able to tag along to meet customers, and Thank the wonderful God that I did not face those angry customers.Yes I do like the feeling of suit-ing up. However doing sales is never easy, as there are so many type of people. Some are easy going and some are just a pain. 

On the other hand, step into the industry, do require lots of technical skills, if I have a hard look at myself at the mirror, am not the most technical person around. And once you are stuck at that department, its hard to switch. Again during this internship I was lucky enough to visit some factory. Their whole operation is kinda revolve around the factory.

But the experience of mini P, do trigger a part of me into the industry. I feel a sense of accomplishment and its quite an experience to be dealing with all the instruments that not all have the chance to handle.

Again my debate if I go towards the marketing side, whats next once I reach at the top? Because the next step is the boss, and there is no way I could replace the boss as they are the owner. Perhaps my lack of knowledge in searching a MNC of a marketing company that I could apply my engineering skills. Because MNC is my aim. As I would like to prove to myself I am not a jaguh kampung.

These are those important moment and an error will result in a waste of time. Perhaps I could enroll myself for another internship after am done with my studies. More like internship/vacation takeover training, to know what the old man is doing up north all these years. And there are also a few things that I would like to learn from the old master. 

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LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

hai..nice song...make me think of my childhood...*like*