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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ramadan should b a year round event

Yes ramadan is here, means glorious FOOD! and FOOD and FOOD. Yesterday (friday) yes all those who are working or interning, its a day to look forward to, because the weekend is here! woot!

August have been kind to me in a way of catching up with my friends, especially those that I have not yet for months and months. As we go on, we will still be friends forever   , no its not time to sing the graduation song.The conversation we have its getting more adult? is that a right word?

For instance earlier of the month when  I went to Bubba Gump, Sunway as one of my close friend, Amar's birthday. His girlfriend wanted to make a surprise party for him, thus she contacted me via facebook. So there I was with few familiar faces, like Pei Ling who is back for summer break, and one of MMU's lecturer/tutor too was on the guest list. I find myself lost in the conversation as majority of them are in the IT world, only me and Pei Ling who is NOT on the IT field.

The following weekend I met up with Raja who is also back for Summer break, meeting up with our friends in Bangsar, the most of them start to talk about medical stuff, as majority are medics student.Graduating in a year's time I am still contemplating which field would I enter.

But back to yesterday (friday) was the first trip to ramadan bazaar this year. Rizal who came down just to meet up with us came with raja to the Seksyen 14 ramadan bazaar which is a walk away from my office. Although its a rainy day, that does not stop us, NO, in the spirit of the ramadan bazaar, rain or shine, we WILL go through it. Although this bazaar its not that big, I guess what means more to me other than the food is the period of waiting till the clock strike 7.30 p.m where its time to break fast. I mean its different when I go with my family to ramadan bazaar, as soon as we are in the car, the food is already half way gone while we are half way home. The waiting, the patience of those good smelling indulgence really put thing in perspective on the meaning behind ramadan, where its a period to reflect back, especially to the less fortunate one.

Spending time with some muslim friends and trying out their custom, well at least for an hour :P do make me understand them more, as understand leads more to a unity especially in the month of August, bulan kemerdekaan.

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