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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amplitude vs Attitude

" Its your attitude that matters most not your amplitude" those are the words that rings in my ear for countless of time, whenever anyone found out that I am in the working world, even though it just for internship. At first I find it is just one of the thing old people nagging and nagging about it, so I kinda take it lightly.

However till I witness this myself, yes a good attitude is important in anything we do. The years old experience of the parents and all the other old people I met, surely there are some truth in it. After all, my few months of experience is just considered as infant stage.

Attitude is important as most of us are just normal mortal that always and everyday in a learning curve. Even though we think we know certain things, there is no harm in just listening again to a much more experience person, as there are some things that we might not know or have missed out.

The ' its not my job' attitude is just making ourself learn lesser. I belief as for chain of event that happen for past few days, things happen for a reason, and its up to us really on how to view it. Life as an intern I've already anticipate the others would give me job that nobody wants to do. Yes there are few ways to look at it. For example

  1. Am an "engineer" WTF you ask me to do a clerk job
  2. Lazy idiots giving me his/her job
and so on... however if we view it in a more positive manner, a clerk job is not simple too sometimes, maybe by doing typing we could enhance our Excel or Words skills. To align, adjust the cell size and so on. My point is here, at least there is something to learn. We won't rugi in doing job that is so called not in our job scope.
Other than learning new thing, it leaves a very good impression.

A good attitude will bring us for in life I belief and am sure our superior can tell with their vast experience, or even time could tell on what kind of attitude this person have.Together with second chance in life, I belief its never too late for anyone to change, to turn to the better.

Yes this is dedicate to you, the person whose eyes always glued to my laptop screen and can't mind your own business. This is no ordinary intern, capiche? thanx u bai.


LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

Yeah!Totally agree wif it. *like*

Yin Tan said...

like she wut knw hw to digest the sarcasm la..... =__=!

julian said...

mana ada sarcasm?