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Friday, August 6, 2010

Apa nak tulis ar? sudah banyak telah dilupakan. I meant to write on Thursday night as  there are something that really caught my eye. But in 24 hours or so... a lot of things can change. With just a snap your life can change I mean in an instant you could be a millionare with 33 million ringgit in ur bank ( before minus tax) by striking the 6D lottery supreme, which have snowballed into Rm 33 million. Worth a try with just Rm 2 to buy a chance.

But out of so many people of course its not so easy to strike the lottery kan? This week have been a lazy week at work, and I disappointed in 3 level oh no, macam nak present case untuk debate pulak  The first one I broke the rule of keeping things personal at work.Of course revenge is a bitch, but the bad thing is I've forgotten the fundamental rule.

On the other level is Thursday I did 2 things that I have not done for a few years, the first being writing a formal letter and the second one being going to pasar malam, and jongker street is not consider as pasar malam.

You see porno at the dvd peddeler, apam, fake crocs, woman socks, pjs, foods and ah moi selling durian... and you know u are in a pasar malam.This is after having dinner at my sister's place.However, while I am enjoying walking through pasar malam, even though am still in my working clothes,apparently there is a fight at a prominent mamak stall.

Being a kaypo, of course there are crowds gather and even a police patrol car with 2 officer. However, what really put a bitter taste to it is you know when in a fight, there is this mulut murai aunty trying to tell the story to the 'spectator' like me that just arrive.

And she said " lei tay la, chong yi yam teh tarik, roti canai, yi ka kak leng yan ta thong yan, yi kor mo thong yan, hoi tei Mmm tak ar"

yes my translation might not be as accurate as the ISO of chinese language, but in my heart, I really don't know what is 'thong yan or kak leng yan' why? because I am Malaysian. It is this kinda sentiment that easily makes people feel offended. The May 13 no doubt are spark with this kinda people. Are we that desperate to always use the race card to solve problem?  This remind me when I read a post by Yee Kean when he touch about how the older people influence our young mind, for example like ah kong money, and also chance to get scholarship and further education.

But at this race, I am sorry to our PM but his vision of 1 Malaysia wont come true because of the older generation that 'poisoning' the young mind. No matter how I don really like staying in Klang, but when I went to Indian street the other day, I saw Malaysia there. Although the majority of the tenant there are Indian ( thats y its called Indian street) I saw a big masjid, and at the back of it is a indian kuil, and further down a bit from the road is a church and not so distant away is a buddisht temple. For years all this places of worship is here and people just mind their own business and respect each other without creating a fuss.

There are 2 other things that really bug me, is FYP and also what the heck I wanna do after grad. There are lots of lecturer out there however they are looking at the cream of the crops, so who are going to take the average joes? And the location and the field that I wanna work in after grad. Am sure a lot is wondering "how i wish i could make a 180 turn and escape from engineering" kan? well, me too.. however I guess I don really have the courage I mean if I fail, those people who I have to go against to make the 180 turn will just pijak and pijak. Also for me, who don't really come from the wealthy family, I cant slowly try and error on other field.

Excuse me for don't really know what I am writting-lah, might delete this post or I just go to sleep. its 8.49 AM on a SATURDAY!!! WTFF

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