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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chinese language

As the start of my internship training, there are a few personal goal I set myself so I could go back to MMU, an improved person. Some of it is well, keeping fit. Too much of Taylor Lautner guess that only be hangat hangat tahi ayam as when you stay home, u tend to be feed. And ushering raya, the month of Ramadan, where one of the reason Malaysia is awesome is the time for ramadan bazaar. Taylor Lautner body can wait.

The other is to try to break the chinese language barrier. The language have been a barrier, as much as I hate to step out of my comfort zone of speaking english, it does limit my versatileness. In a country which have 3 major races, I think I do well in speaking Malay,and English. However chinese is always been a problem to me. Growing up in an area most that made up most of by Malay then Indian. Sometimes I do notice that some of my indian friend even speak bahasa with each other, if they cant speak their mother tongue. But I personally find it hard to speak to chinese because of my poor command of the language.

If you cant speak, you are labeled as banana, ang moh bear, OCBC and so on. Once I even got screwed by the chinese taxi driver when I cant communicate with him in chinese.

Sometimes I hate it when people talk cock about me in front of me assuming I don know a single  alphabet of chinese.

Thus I convince few of my colleague who kindly obliged to my request to help me with my chinese, it went ok although we are used to communicate in english, but when I have the mood, I speak chinese to them. They are kind enough not to burst into laughter of my pronunciation and even correct it.

However there is always a torn in between the roses. Sometimes we feel malu because certain word we can't say it properly and well.... in short just taking baby steps. So once when I kindly reply in the simplest form of mandrin, and torn or let just say a female version of a dog  replied in the most complicated chinese proverb. Yes I know I am just talking baby step, and I cant even speak a line clearly, is it a must really to be THAT demoralizing instead of being encouraging?

I mean if she speak in english, I would definitely piss on her. Pissing on someone is a debate term where you shoot a person till there is no chance for that person to safe or could give any reply what so ever.

So I found this as someone posted on FB

Roses are red,
Violet are blue,
I have 5 fingers
and the middle one is for you

Thank you and good night.

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