If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Friday, September 28, 2007

it have begun..

as i was trying to do my "fail theory" revison.. the mail box suddenly pops up, saying i have a new mail in my in box..

Rm 50 exclude tax.. to GOLD COAST!

news like that for fella like me who cant afford a full flash flight but curious to see the world come as a beautiful one as today, is not the very best day, as its ultra HOT here. and it make a hard subject to study, even harder to study.

sothe check list..

ok maybe i don have the watch or the camera yet.. tho its on my list of thing to get, well before i expired? and maybe gold coast is not the place that i wanted to be right now YET.. i gotta wait to end of the next year for the flight to UK. guess that time only they gonna announce it..
for the min time, EVERYONE really can fly huh? its a good start, and the future for sure to be bright soon, for cheap traveller like me.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

friday morning..

i woke up late today, around 1040.still feeling tired. i tought today is saturday instead. why? because the sun shine like my normal saturday. i was thinking of goin out breakfast with my family, so ss2 or somewhere. i somehow miss my family.guess, house is really where the heart is. no matter how grumpy i will get if my family woke me up from my sleep on weekend to eat breakfast, i guess, its the time that everyone are together, seating on a table as a family. i mean as years goes by, the chances are getting rare, for example, like now my brother is working at JB, and me myself, don staying out here in cyberjaya, or before this at melaka, thus i will be away for at least for 4-5 days. thus time with family are really limited.

for those, who think they "know" me really well, thinking i spend all the money on travelling just to see my girlfren, but i guess, u all don really know me? of course i love to spend time with her, especially before she flew of to UK. but family too is important to me. though my family is not really perfect as we do argue sometimes, but i guess i won't trade it for any family in the world.sometimes, i realise that family do have your back when u are down, yes i did mention my unhappiness bout not getting support from my parents on me being a pilot, but some to think of it, i know what my parents want. they don't have the chance to further their studies when they was my age as their parents cant afford it. thus, my parents wanted all their children to have at least have a degree. maybe i should not throw the towel on my dream to be a pilot. but i guess i can give in and gave up that dream, for those people that really mean a lot to me, which is my family and her of course, Ashley Chin. with growing up doin everything as a family, and what am goin thru now, being far apart from her.. mayb i dowan go thru it again.. but den again, who know what gonna happen when i graduate right? my mom might pull a rabbit out of the hat, and gave me my pilot lisence, or dad might wanna sent me over to the state, or i will be working as an enginneer if i don change any course, but 1 thing for sure, i wont want anything to change between me and my family and me and Ash, if there will be any changes, the changes for the better, like wedding bell perhaps..


"We can't fix all the world's problems, but the ones we can we must.'' - Bono

random store


its in the family.. hahaha i wish.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

one day

whats u r prob

whats your problem?
what the hell do u want?
why u telling some bull crap bout me?
what did i do wrong to you?
have u been patient with me long enough and now u think u can attack me?
am no staranger to telling ppl to F off
am no stranger to working thing on my own
but i prefer to make frens than enemy
i ignore coz i dowan to fight
i walk away because i dowan conflict
i was brought up to walk away from fight
no because am a coward and cant take punches
am not a coward to confront u too
am not afraid to look at u in the eye telling u off too
its beacause i got bigger thing waiting for me once am done
a black record its not worth it.
i prefer to get more alliance than enemy
so tell me whats your prob?

love in the air

earlier in the evening, as i was walking to buy my nasi lemak for my dinner, i saw my ex class mate, siew fai with his girlfriend which i dono her name. but they seem really really sweet. though am not close to siew fai, but clearly can c that he is damn happy, heard some story that he try really hard for this girl and his presistance and resistence finaly pays off. so kudos to him.

its amazing how the power of love can effect someone. let it be a him or her. i mean when u found that someone special. you just cant help but carving a smile on your face. heck, your family or friends might think that u are crazy for smiling all alone and all the sudden. but deep down, u yourself know who you are thinking of. the power of love make u feel a certain kinda of happiness that u can never feel before. its different with family love, nobody cant describe how it feel unless that person feel it him/her self.

when u in love too u feel like u are floating on the air, when u can make that special someone smile,laugh, basically happy. happy because of u. you can find youself doin the silliest thing,like rushing out to the nearest 7 11 just to get phone credit in the middle of the night, just to cheer the special someone up as he/she have a bad day.you also might find yourself in not the best position, like eating with someone that u don really fancy, just to NOT ruin the day for him/her. you also might find u r self wanting to change for them. like girls who rarely wear skirt wanting to look all feminine for him, or he who always think of himself before this, started to give in to charity as her kind-ness have brushes off to him.

for me personally, the beauty of a relationship is the ammout of effort both male and female put in to make the relationship work.i guess, its important that both party wanting to be together and willing to work things out, no matter what is the situation or the condition. like the song.. "come what way".with both side wanting to be with each other, thus it build a strong foundation which is equal to a strong foundation. the reason why i say thats the beauty part of a relationship because, when both side are equally commited,both side with compliment each other in giving in, sacrifice, patient, tolerence and all that. so both of them have each other back and support each other.now thats love..

Why do birds suddenly appear

Every time you are near?

Just like me, they long to be

Close to you.........

rambling: old me?

i got a feeling am getting older. i don feel that what the people my age do is FUN anymore. it is sad really. the new age culture and music too i fail to embraced. like hip hop and what ever new age trance music is not to my liking, hang out till late night is not my cup of coffee anymore. this is not very good, as i could stay the whole morning drinking chinese tea at the dim sum stall, instead of spending the whole night till the early hours at mamak or starbucks. instead of reading harry porter, am reading the art of the deal by trump. and instead of watching man u match at the mamak stall and shouting at the top of my voice, i spend watching it with a man double my age.

my mind too keep on thinking and worry all the time.worry bout taking care of others,make other comfortable?sometimes i think what bout me myself?keeping everyone happy what about myself? but that tot seems to go away in a while.

and money too. i mean, people my age would spend it on the latest gadget or just wasted on goin out and have fun. but instead am keeping mine for a car? a house? and i even thinking of unit trust or share market.and every monday will take peak at maritime, the pull out on the star. i mean why the world i would wanna think of business and the market. i mean, who would seat beside their mother on a saturday talking bout air asia shares?

who nags their older sister for wearing mini skirT?or even thinking bout tutoring their cousin who hardly talk to them? or who watches rod steward live in royal albert hall on the dvd and actually can connect to the song and enjoy it much more than wathing 50cent's video with all those girls that cant afford to buy any cloth to put on them on mtv.

is this a goodbye to my youth or am just too tense with the exam coming? i need the time back, where standing at a coffee shop in venice while eating a delightful venitian cake while taking down my expresso, now thats relaxing.

sometimes i do feel whats wrong with me when i cant click with the people , or don find what they do is fun or funny. but than again, this is me so am proud of me. and its for everyone to accept or reject me.

old style?

enough said

since coming back form the buffet, i do feel a bit weird. no am not sick or something.. i kinda feel fatherly. as weird as it sound, for the first time i actually look at cute babies and helping lil kids with their drinks.. must be the exam stress or just missing my sweetheart too much.

i been look thru my frens list on friendster and read some blogs too.. i word .... disgusted. mostly the girls. i tend to wonder whats wrong the girls today?! ok ok before any of female readers get pissed or something, let me explain first.

first of all.. i don mean ALL of the girls are like how am gonna describe, so lets open the heart and eye a bit k?

first of all the clothes that they wear today. its getting lesser and lesser. yes as a guy i admit i like seeing it, but after thinking bout it, its sort of disgusting.i mean some even look like a hooker with all the extra make up. what happen to sophicticated, or decent look? does sex really sell the attention in the world today? no wonder there lots of sick idiot out there, who rape lil kids, for example the nurin case. that kinda of sick mofoe should get his balls chop and let him eat it.. the ideal clothes its like those arabian ladies. i mean they cover ALL.. and if they wanna show some skin, they only do it at home, with their love one. isn't that an ideal way?

other point is the clubbin culture today.. sigh. i never been a really big fan of clubs. sure there lots of desperados go there and throw themself around, and get wasted. but isn't that just plain cheap? c'mon ladies and gent, do spend the money on better stuff, like getting own car or something. plus with all the smoke and alcohol, its NOT healthy too. plus u its so very loud the music blast, u can even have a normal convo with u r frens or anyone without raising your voice.so anywise person who wanna argue with me that clubbin is GOOD, come.

sad to say another point is no offense, but some girls love to throw themself at guys. why? i still and will never ever get it. i mean seating on their lap and with all the hug and cuddling.. its fine if its your husband or bf, but what if u just frens or strangers? why must this happen? it just will give the guys an upper hand, taking advantage and all that.

i don find that girls that throw themself around,drinkin,smokin, go to club have any class at all. yes it might sound harsh, but try to think about it. yes i MIGHT get some angry comment after this post,but i seriously think its good for ANY girls to keep away from all this.

i think a good role model is mandy moore in the walk to remember. i mean, being close to God,intelligent, and don't get involve in social sickness and smart too and not to mention dress up decently too. i might sound old fashion but i think its for the better

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

world vision

Dear World Vision Friend,
Children living in many parts of the world are forced to ask questions unthinkable to most Americans: wondering where their next meal will come from; wondering whether they'll get sick drinking the water from the only well around; wondering what they will do when their mother and father die.

World Vision is helping to build a better world for children. We are a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to helping the world's children, families, and communities reach their full potential by tackling the root causes of poverty. Motivated by our faith in Christ, we serve alongside all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

You can help improve the life of a child by becoming a child sponsor. As a child sponsor, you'll share a special, ongoing relationship with a child who will know your name and share her hopes and dreams with you. Your ongoing commitment will provide your sponsored child and her community with access to life's basic necessities, including things like water, food, spiritual nurture, and health care.

You have the power to transform a child's life right now. Sponsor a child and show God's love to someone who so desperately needs it. In Christ's name,

break fast

yes, ashley baby i know u craving for the kuih lapis

overdued pics..

Monday, September 24, 2007


sometimes do u feel like u are struggling in life? and what is the cause of it? instead of pointing 1 finger to others, why don we point 4 back to ourself? our life is what we make out of it.

but then as we all know, or i personally know, doin the and feeling the actual thing is way different then setting it out, on paper.i guess my biggest weakness is my strongest strength too. i mean i know almost all my weakness in myself as i always ponder what had happen in my life, but for others maybe, they don't know whats their weakness are, thus their ego can be ultra big. but den again, even if i know whats MY weaknesses are, thing is, i keep on repeating it. sometimes i wonder why? but i guess, its inside of my heart,no matter how much my mind try to stop it, or vice versa. for example, when i know i HAVE to study, but a part of me feel like i need to go out, why? because it makes me happy to have fun, don everyone feel happy to have fun? stuff like that, that makes the fall of me. even though the road is still long of me to find the real me, but i feel i have to find the real me, because like anybody, i wanna make it big and be succussful in life too... and not to mention to be happy at the same time. i guess its a balancing act that am struggling to do right now.

it takes a HUGE ammout of self disiplin to get control of oneself.its like the malaysian badminton player, once won a big tournament and they gone to a slump for years.its the tough mentalilty of oneself, and its not build overnight as it takes years and years to build.

tough there are lots more that i wanna write, right now i just cant find a way how to put it..

off track

today find myself off track a bit.. i suppose to be studying.instead my mind side track A LOT.. sigh. wats happening or what am thnking i got no idea.. wait i do have idea.and yet... i cant help it.. sigh...

so i spend the whole day buming. so i am behind schedual with the chapter that i need to cover.but tonight i discover that with a bit of composure, a chapter can b done in not very long time.

out of boredem i sms 2 of my kelantanese fren. tho its VERY very long since i contacted them, 1 is julian cheong,where i met at Brat's camp, his mother is a kelantanese, think he is really active in brats now.. another 1 is Jazman, the guy i with a very deep voice that i met at the cadet pilot test. he stayed in kelantan, and fortunately for him, he is doin pilot trainning now in kota baru kelantan.being a kelantanese, we would never forget another kelantanese,Jaz replied the msg and we talked like we know each other for ages..

its 2 am over here..... shall i call?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

ramli burger by ryan lee

buka puasa..

yes,finally gotten to the buka puasa buffet.after droping a HUGE hint last nite.so there i was enjoying some of the finest Malay cusine that was offered.am was stuffed with FOOD and i was delighted. but than again, looking from a great city view while taking my food, i started to think of her, yes the love of my life who is now at London, i wish to share everything good with her.but i guess i will have to wait. but i know if she is around, she will sure will be invinted to come.

anyhow, after filling my fat belly with FOOD, i started to look and think back bout all that great food i had.well, that wat make this country great isn't it? i mean the mixture,the blend and also the people. even though the buffet is specially caterded for muslim to break their fast,i could see other races too, its nice to see everyone eating peaceful and different races and culture are able to seat inside a place, to enjoy the feat. i love malaysia.

left the hotel for home. just in time for the newcastle versus west ham match. though am waiting for the man u versus chelsea match. kind bum a lil, while talking to my sister,suddenly uncle OOI called. he wanted to come over to watch football too. poor man, being dump in KL after he failed as MD at Bangladesh.though he still go back to Penang often. so i was expecting him to tell his traveling adventure, but when he arrived, all eyes was on the TV, as lots of conflict in the match, which ended 2-0 to man u.

after the match i decided to hits the book. circuit theory as finals coming up.chatted with my mom on the phone for a bit. tought i would wait for her b4 returning to cyberjaya, instead she still unsure when she will be back to KL as grandma was still in the hospital.

as for my job hunting, my sister's fren apparently working for HSBC at cyberjaya. though his working hour is weird as he have to follow UK timing. so he work from 3pm-12am. did asked him bout any part time.apparenty there are only permanent job, but its from 8pm till 5 am at the call center. even the money is GOOD, but i guess, am no superman as i still have my studies... so i guess back to the drawing board

i wish the sms will go thru.. i wan my jersey =)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

from now on...

its been days since my love of my life have been gone to further her studies.i will be patiently waiting over here. yes lots of people doubt it,i mean lots of people doubt long distant relationship, but what ever comment people gave, we shall laugh it off, because nobody knows what WE have. only we know how much we meant for each other.so in other words, i love u and shall b waiting.

while waiting, i will keep on finding jobs so i could visit u 1 day over there.tho i wont promist u tat i would raise enough to go over. but u know am trying right? other than that,i will try to occupy my time with badminton, IF i get the card for the club house.so old man, try get ready mayb?

other than that i will b more focusing on my studies i guess,though i might not seat for the pilot next yaer, or maybe i will. but i guess we never know huh?mayb i will try and get my degree first before start to think of flying. other than that,maybe i will try and help my cousins IF my studies stablize. since my sister will graduate sooon, mayb i will ask my mom for a raise so i can really help those kids with AIDS, u know that right? the child sponser thing.

for raya,mayb i will meet up with rizal, he will b back on the 10th,same day as my final paper, and did tell amar bout the outing too, though he insisted to call that 2, but i guess its gonna be like that night. oh well, ignore that 2, mayb i gonna take the time to catch up with amar and rizal, and also raja they all. a place i could be myself where "insults" are just laughter,other than with u, then i guess maybe with them.

i love u sweetheart..

quote of the day "uncle chan and ethan gonna watch the match tonight at old trafford"

convo: a ray of hope,perhaps

dad:so when she left?
dad:so u sad?
me: err....(oh hell yea)
dad: of coz right? don worry bout it so much, just take it as a challenge for u to study harder, mayb u will end up in USA.
suyin:err... his gf went to UK not US
dad: nvm lah.. she can follow him if she want.

later on the night

suyin: i have rm X, if i save for X months i might go too.
me: i need get a job, i wanna stay longer
suyin: wait i ask my fren when he get back from his holiday
dad: what u all counting?
suyin: is rm X enough for a day for meals over there when u go over there that day pa?
dad: yes that will b enough. you all start saving from now on.. if still not enough i will chip in a lil

convo of the week: lesson learnt, my father remembers my lunch

dad: what do u wanna eat for lunch?
me:i dono am still full, i ate pizza for breakfast
dad: ok, do u wanna me to get someone to get the food for u? because i have lots of work today.and will b back late
me: its ok. am still full anyways, and suyin too.
dad: ok den, bye

an hour later...

suyin:what to eat for lunch
me: i dono, dad say he is busy, plus u said u r full just now
suyin: now am hungry! go buy FOOD!
me: no, order Mc d la...
suyin: dowan, not fast food again, my face having pimple
me: up to u lah.. i dowan to eat, am still full
suyin: am frying rice, do you wan?
me:no am full

after frying rice.....

suyin: erm........... (trying to show off with her rice, in an attempt to make me hungry)
*phone received msg*
suyin: u r gf from UK? ( start countin the time zone)
me: here, this is for u

msg said : "have u r own lunch, i will b going for a meeting with a client"

half an hour later.....

dad: julian go down in 5 minutes... i sent someone over to bring food.
me: err.... is he on the way? he food bought d?
dad: yes
me: ok

me: hey, dad bought lunch.
suyin: what the hell?!! i just eaten. do u wan me grow fat?!!
me:suit yourself

after taking food...

me: hey guess wat.. its u r fav food.
suyin: oh NO... i will b fat
me:and i will b eating.
suyin:but....( in the end the pig ate her rice too)

the moral of the story is : you are bound to get free food at home.no matter how busy ur parents are. for sure there will b food on the table.. so much reason to go home every chance i have

Friday, September 21, 2007

hypocrite?soft spot?dillema? or am just busybody?

lots of well wishes i receive as ashley leave to UK.. i would like thank all of it. most of it sayin that so i wont be sad etc.. but i guess i just cant help it but missing her badly each and everyday.

but then, lots of things unfold while is is gone.. like todAy.. my computer assignment group have been called up to see our lecturer, Ms Florence. apparently our programming code are simliar with the one on a few internet forum and also similar to the other group as well.. but in actual fact, none of our group copy from the web or other group. so all of us rushed to cyberjaya this morning to prove our innocent. the verdict will b on monday.sigh...

today too my mom suppose to fly back after she visited my grandma.. come back with lots and lots and lots of food.. and not forgotten my badminton shoes.. i hope she din forget that. but SADLY.. she need to cancel her flight as my grandma was admitted to the hospital. no news now from the hospital. once i heard the news, i always fear for the worst, since my grandma is NOT getting any younger by the day.. if ANY bad stuff happens.. mayb i would feel bad for life. because mayb i can b by her side if i went back on monday. but then again, i to will regeret if i din see ashley off on wednesday.

the 1 thing that caught my eyes during this past ashley-less day is that night when i chatted with my sister on MSN.. its about her bf. its NOTHING bad bout her having bf at her age but the thing is he is a SINGH. a punjabi. no offence to indian or any sub races like punjabi.. but i always get this impression that the indian guy love to get drunk and hit thier wife. no this is not any make up story that i made to deny or not to accept him, but there are lots of story u can hear from ppl around and there also reports in the newspaper and also news on tv. so its a proven thing.. yes mayb not ALL of them are bad.. but thats the impression they gave mayb because one or two rotten apple. mayb am being over protective over my older sister, but hey.. wont any brother would do the same?adding the fact that the older brother being useles and being just a pest with distubing and making matter worst.YES at 1 point i was against it too. but after talking to her and listening how he make her happy, make me reconsider my tought. am not saying that i would accept him, but its still pending. mayb some would say i don stand on my belief and being a hypocrite if i would accpet him. but no matter what happen she is still my sister. mayb i don show lots of love but she still a family. and been brought up and taught by parents to help family. so maybe 1 day, i will loosen the screw and maybe perhaps convince my parents to accept him. but he still need to go thru various test first.as sister always have a soft spot in a brother's heart, maybei will be a "hypocrite" as label by some. but if ANY would label me that i just feel sorry for them because they probably don hav any love in their family. maybe wai luen was right.. "just accept it" that what he says..

on the other side, i always feel pity for those who don really do well in school last time, those rempit and all. once i heard from one of them, they are working in 7 11 store. its a pity really. but i got this strong feeling that maybe its in the family. they don't have the attention they seek i assume from their parents. and they rebel by doin crazy stuff like skipping school, smoking and do drugs. maybe their parents are busy finding hard earn cash just enough to provide for the family as most of them are from a not a well off family. maybe am just a busybody, i mean my grades at mmu is not somthing that could b proud of, but than again, i got this tendecy of being a busybody i assume. i mean, i have this cousin who gonna face pmr next year i think. from what i heard she have a really low self confidence because of the lack of attention. i mean grades like 65-70 are really is good enough at that age. before am taking all my small cousin to a trip to genting in mid december, my mom suggested to my uncle to sent her here. my busy body-ness perhaps wanting me to volunteer to be her tutor or something. am saying busy body because, i cant even score well in my studies now but i wan to help others to study..this is bad because i have to be selfish sometimes at least to cover my own backyard before medling into others business.

but some i just feel like they deserve it..get it? i know 1 guy who parents finish about 20k just for 1 semester at a private collage, but he refuse to study. 1 semester cost so much because he repeat twice and still fail. for me there are 2 type of ppl. maybe you are not gifted intelligent-ly but as long as u r hardworking, you are bound to earn a living, and there are some even a 5 figure salary a month! but if u are lazy.. well, you are gone.yesterday too i was at the tasik selatan KTM station buyin ticket, as one of the machine is out of order, 1 man said "panggil encik tu, asyik berborak saja dgn staft lain" that lazy station master was apparently a father of a person i know. yes i could have make a fuss and the station master would get an ear full, or mayb got suspended. but than again, he is a fahter of a person i know. i was thinking,in a dillema, if i tell bout the station master, he will be in trouble and it wont be pretty trust me. a middle aged man get scolding but if i don tell, how bout all the consumer and plus its" visit malaysia year" its even written in the train ticket.

i choose to keep my silence. maybe am being a busybody..thinking so much...thus.. "its not easy to be me..."- five for fighting

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

now everyone can fly

its seems like everything falling into pieces. ashley gone to london today, and on today's the star, air asia X have recieved their airbuses.once again, i have to take my hat off to God almighty.and for those sceptical about asia flight, the air bus is the same model as the 1 they used for MAS flight too.. enough said here is a quote from air asia X chief executive officer Azran Osman Rani
“If all goes well, we should be ready to launch the UK route by end-2008 and commence sales and bookings in February,” he said, adding that the two A340 aircraft would arrive in October and November next year.

capt speaking

announcement: this is Captain Julian Gan speaking. welcome aboard to flight S-U-C-C-E-S-S, the duration of this flight will take approximately around 4 years, and we will stop for refueling every June. the weather forecast for the next 3 weeks are expected to be stormy, so we will expecting some tourbulance. pls buckle up your seatbelt as we are about to take off... thank you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

in me..

i probably be back from my hols tomorrow..its been a week since i took off week. lots hav happened for the last few days. am back, back at cyberjaya tomorrow. is it a new start for me or not am not so sure. words like

" julian gan, u think u so good now?"
still fresh on my mind, tho it was months ago and it was at melaka.good, i don intend to be. greatness am aiming for. like i always did before the years.. proving critics wrongs, i don seem to be able to do it here in MMu.. yet i dono whtats the missing ingredient. the final is coming, yes, this semester i ahve to admit that am not so focus on my job, but that again, i don regret the decision i've made. with assignment, done with plenty of help from frens, and so do mid term especially math. sometimes i look at myself and feel disgusted. this is not me that am used to be. its time to buck up, i got all the pot of gold waiting for me at the end of the day. its just seating there waiting. waiting for me. i don dare to say its a change, a change in me, but i wan to improve myself, for me and everyone else that care for me.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

the goodlife...

i been browsing a few of my frens or just the ppl i know friendster, facebook, blogs.. they all studying overseas.. most of them are in australia.. and some in UK.. their life seems FUN.. is that like that when u go overseas? i always wonder. most of the nights at clubs.. or great meal, various shows.. from gay pole dancing. and apartment, with plasma tv, travel around during break.. that sound great don u think? lots and lots of fun and enjoy themself. i wonder how do they do it? if compared to my campus where lots spend their time in the lib. finishing their tutorial. is our education system be the cause of this? as it stresses TOOooo much on acedemic and neglected the time for student to just chill? or just us student don't know how to manage our time. but anyhow.. the grass seems greener on the other side, and it does leave me in green on envy. but i guess thats life, some are just born with a golden diamond spoon, as for me.. just a stainless steel spon...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

a year hav passed..

water park with the kids
me at the balcony

orang utan santuary

mom me g'ma

uncle and aunt

mom grandma

its almost a year now.. today the start of the fasting month. my finals are coming,lots of classes are already done.. guess i HAVE to start my revision soon. its been a year. last year i was in melaka, estatic bout my 1st long 3 weeks break. now as the 1st sem of my 1st year in faculty coming to a close soon, kinda feel like its pretty fast. mayb its good because they say time flies when u having fun. but soon.. will time flies?

i remembered last raya which also fall during my 1st sem break, my family togather with my extended family, and with my grandma came to join my famliy for a holiday in bukit merah. tho the grand suite by the HUGE lake look very impressive, we stayed in town house which was rented out by the resort by the creek. which was beautiful too i might say. i like the scenery there, the fresh air and the sun raise as i awake in the morning.. i also do remember that we went ALL the way to Penang for a dinner. just to bring grandma around and my uncle wanted to treat everyone as he strike a lucky strike which change a lot of his life and his family, which is a good thing, guess grandpa above blessing him and the family. penang island was great even tho am just there for around 8pm till midnight ONLY.that was my last time in Penang.. since then, Penang hav been booming with lots of plan to improve the island.. which is a GREAT news to the contry..

its been a charming 1 year.. will YOU remember what u did at this date 1 year ago? sometimes its good to ponder and look at all the great memories and pic YOU have. make you appreciate ALL that you have and wat you have had..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

beautiful sunday...the eye on you.

z eye

last sunday was one of those highlighted day ever.. it was BEAUTIFUL.. everything went smoothly.. it all started when i wanted to build lots and lots of fond memories with the one and only ashley before she leave to UK. so i gather all my guts and courage and ask her dad's permission. and to my suprise after an hour or so of heart stopping convo with mr.chin himself, he finally agreed. so amen to that.

in the gondola

by the lake

beautiful negaraku

i was worried that i cant find the way to the eye of malaysia.and to the dinner place. the reason i choose the eye of malaysia is.. its a nice place to go. i mean heck, what better way of speding time with great view of our own metropolitan. right at our very own backyard.tho sadly we hav to share our gondola with other ppl.. but its all good.. the lil baby inside was our entertainment. i do hope she would think of me when she sees the eye of london.

anyways.. since its been awhile since i been to istana budaya.. was a bit nervous with the heavy traffic, with mr. chin giving limits till9 pm. so i don wanna get lost and find the way, because it will b just a waste of time then. i went on9 and drew up the map.

YuRiTei restaurant

after the eye, we went to klpac. lots of question mark arise when i say klpac. i went everyone go there to watch plays. and on that day, apprrently, there are no plays playing. thus it was a bit quiet. well, i discover this jap restaurant by the lake when i 1st been there. it was at night, and before the play started, me and my fren dharmik decide to take a tour of the place, hence we found the place,than i told myself "this would b and ideal place to bring someone special". and taking in calculation that ashley love her jap good, thus it equal to a big smile on her face which made my day.

most fav pic: the oc

Teriyaki Ramen


nice interior huh?

a peacuful and quiet place, away from crowd

beautiful ppl

Sunday, September 9, 2007

convo of the week : pressure

ON..the way back from praying my grandfather...

dad: i would love to sent you to america. uni of ohio or michigan

me: (holy crap... this convo AGAIN?)

mom: cant you like do a twinning for your final year or something?

me: no.. not in MMU


me: (because it suck) i got no idea.

sister: you should go since after 3 months, your mother only need support you

mom: so this year you are Xyears old.. so by that time you will b... XX years old. ok la.. still young

me: (i wan get married by then lah) i think i should focus on passing this sem first

dad: the uncle says, you only need rm X a year to survive there. than you can follow him to do some research for NASA or semething

me: ( i wan to fly a plane!!!!!!!) yea yea...

sister: den i could visit you so you can bring me shopping.

later in the evening..

sister: mom, look at your son, go bukit tinggi so far so to eat roti tissue

me: (after explaining my fren misplace keys and all..)

mom: i think he enjoy himself over there. go here and there. and if he go US, he will probably travel all over US.

the moral of the story: try look at ur child's grade 1st before putting high hopes... or in my case, ANY hope.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


what are friends? are they just a bunch of people that you know that just beside you when having fun, and be crazy? or are they the one who remember your birthday, have your back when u in trouble, be frank with u in no matter what?

since this blog is for the public viewing, and am not suprise if he or them could read this.coz once i tought they are indispensible, and yet, people sell off their years of friendship for just a girl.once i tought he was like a brother, share everything, have his back, open the door to my house and yet... sigh... and saturday, i will b seating on the same dinner table with him/them. tho it does feel like the knife behind my back have been twisted, and yet again, due to a special request, i will b on my best behaviour. a part of me feel like just showing the finger and yet again, some part remebered what the pastor at the church i went to, " to be a perfect human, you must b able to pray for your enemy too.. pray for your enemy goodwill, good health and succes". though i don go much too church, everytime i go there, i feel like all my troubled have been answer thru the preachin. guess i do kinda pay attention. once a friend who is kinda church goer also did tell me to pray for my enemy and if i cant, ask for forgiveness from God because i cant forgive them.my mom too once told me to give everyone a benefit of a doubt.

so am twsited into 2. to b full of raging anger, which i hav to say is still inside. because all this thing, is hard to let go. mayb i need some wisdom, or advise, or just seat there with every fork i hold i wanna stab into some people chest, or disgust myself with fake smiles and laughter, or follow the way of truth.

* i wish i was king of the world, so things would go my way all the time*


current mood: gloomy..
*at the traffic light junction, in the car after dinner*
"sent msg fail"
try and try and try again
*on the brain, full of sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh*
"I'm staring out into the night
Trying to hide the pain."- the radio played
*wonders if GOD is up there looking at me*

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

random rambling

i dono what to write tonight, now. dono how i am feeling now.wish could pick up the guitar now and play some emo emo song.. and yet again, i cant play for nuts. i suppose to bathe and study, and yet am glued to this chair in front of the computer. my nasi lemak packet is still in front of me. with "delilah" playing on the speaker " 1000 miles it seems so far, but they have plane,trains and car i walk to u if there is no other way". what to do ar? when u moodless and dono what to do. and everyone on9 seems to b busy with dinner. bored..

Monday, September 3, 2007

memory lane..

san fran steakhouse.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

merdeka weekends..

a long weekends as friday is an off day due to merdeka, tho in julian's world. friday is always an off day. hehehehe.. anyways.. been to lots places than noramally do go on weekends. well, to start things off, went to kajang with kean and pei se. stopped at kajang ktm komuter station with kean as kean is goin back to Perlis.tho its a very very LONG way for him as his bus is 30minutes past midnight. kajang hav change A LOT! even the route to the town have now changed, and there are tolls and all.. its been a while since i come though, since the house have been rented out for years. as i arrived bangsar lrt, to my suprise there are no taxi available. and no taxi wanted to stop, even to mat saleh. in the end i got fed up of waiting and walk to ashley's house. hang in the garden as her dad is resting due to his injury till my sis come and pick me up with my cousin, who i bull that i will b back LATE! later that night, went to pick my cousin's parent at the Gombak toll. Kl city was really packed, and around 11++ the road at Jalan Kuching come to a stand still as there are Merdeka celebration. everyone practically left their car and go for a walk around. it was chilly tho. very cold and lots and lots of Mat rempit carrying jalur gemilang. the jam was not cleared till 2am. too bad the next morning they all need to get up early for my cousin's paino graduation.
friday was really really slow for me.woke up LATE, not my usual time.around 10.30. yes thats late for me. nobody was home, my sister follow my uncle and cousin and their family to Shereton,subang fot the graduation and my bro go see his golf coach. just me and my parents. i do feel like am the only child.after bumming and watch tv, i did my assignment. till lunch time i went to watch tv and eat and sleep. like a pig i tell u. that night my parents went our with my dad's old fren from US. so me and my siblings take my uncle and his family out for dinner. at some chinese restaurant. glady, my fussy uncle is please with the food. later in the night, dena called as she finished her prom which i hav a strong feeling she went with raja. so both of them picked me up at my place then we went to parisha's to pick her up. apparently ranpreet is at chilis with her frens from HELP. we went to picked up maan before joining them at chillis.so it just me dena,parisha and raja at the table as ranpreet and gurdip went to socialize with HELP ppl. the orginal plan is just for HIGH and MIGHTY pie.. instead.. some PPL order el-nino.and yes it does get my temperature running like el-nino. a mix of tequila, orage juice and some other thing in this HUGE cup.. and yes, i been forced to drink that horrible drink. after feeling a lil tipsy.. we went to bum in front of la bodega, and in the end i sleep a bit at the exhibition place in bsc, they have nice sofa there ok.. went to wash my face. so i supppose to go back home, instead dena come out with 1 briliant plan to climb into school and check out our old school. cant really blame that twisted child, as ppl break OUT of school instead of IN. btw we din do it as we think is a dumb idea, except dena and gurdip disagree. so we all went to nirwana instead. raja and ranpreet join us later as they wanted to take the midnight stroll, or raja just wanna show ranpreet how to stay in shape. went home around 1 after playing a prank on roshan's car. went home and did my assignment. slept off around 3?
saturday went to mid V. we walked for about 6 hours there..very very very tiring. but den again, as a host. tons of people at mid v as its the mega sale.took a while to even get a parking. and even the eating place have long queue. luckily at Lil penang, there is this 1 last table left. so we ate there. and i went to see ashley for a while at jusco as she was shopping with her mom at the same time. and hav this lil conversation with mrs chin. she was nice, but my heart stop beating as i was very very very nervous. we went to ss2 for dinner instead of klang. ate yong to fu. and ashley was there too!! fated i tell u.
sunday morning have to wake up early for some bak kut teh. tho its not my favourite food in the world, i guess i have to bend again, and just stuffed that pork into my mouth. went to see the house and wow, the jusco there is HUGE, apparently biggest in south east asia. went on kesas highway, and it make me ponder on lots of things.. if only i have a car, yeah, i would like to roam around and go whenever i want. got everyone doukin doughnut at the petrol station. sent them off after lunch.. den i watch bourne ultimetum. nice thiking show.went to pasar malam with ashley.. spend a lovely time.. and got b'day party there too..so its NOISY. we went grocery shoppin, a bit as my mom asked me get stuff, we are so like husband and wife.. yup thats my weekend.
just arrived as ranpreet's dad send us to cyberia.haveing class soon, i guess i will pack my class again today.. from 9 am till...?3 more days till thursday!