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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

old style?

enough said

since coming back form the buffet, i do feel a bit weird. no am not sick or something.. i kinda feel fatherly. as weird as it sound, for the first time i actually look at cute babies and helping lil kids with their drinks.. must be the exam stress or just missing my sweetheart too much.

i been look thru my frens list on friendster and read some blogs too.. i word .... disgusted. mostly the girls. i tend to wonder whats wrong the girls today?! ok ok before any of female readers get pissed or something, let me explain first.

first of all.. i don mean ALL of the girls are like how am gonna describe, so lets open the heart and eye a bit k?

first of all the clothes that they wear today. its getting lesser and lesser. yes as a guy i admit i like seeing it, but after thinking bout it, its sort of disgusting.i mean some even look like a hooker with all the extra make up. what happen to sophicticated, or decent look? does sex really sell the attention in the world today? no wonder there lots of sick idiot out there, who rape lil kids, for example the nurin case. that kinda of sick mofoe should get his balls chop and let him eat it.. the ideal clothes its like those arabian ladies. i mean they cover ALL.. and if they wanna show some skin, they only do it at home, with their love one. isn't that an ideal way?

other point is the clubbin culture today.. sigh. i never been a really big fan of clubs. sure there lots of desperados go there and throw themself around, and get wasted. but isn't that just plain cheap? c'mon ladies and gent, do spend the money on better stuff, like getting own car or something. plus with all the smoke and alcohol, its NOT healthy too. plus u its so very loud the music blast, u can even have a normal convo with u r frens or anyone without raising your voice.so anywise person who wanna argue with me that clubbin is GOOD, come.

sad to say another point is no offense, but some girls love to throw themself at guys. why? i still and will never ever get it. i mean seating on their lap and with all the hug and cuddling.. its fine if its your husband or bf, but what if u just frens or strangers? why must this happen? it just will give the guys an upper hand, taking advantage and all that.

i don find that girls that throw themself around,drinkin,smokin, go to club have any class at all. yes it might sound harsh, but try to think about it. yes i MIGHT get some angry comment after this post,but i seriously think its good for ANY girls to keep away from all this.

i think a good role model is mandy moore in the walk to remember. i mean, being close to God,intelligent, and don't get involve in social sickness and smart too and not to mention dress up decently too. i might sound old fashion but i think its for the better