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Sunday, September 9, 2007

convo of the week : pressure

ON..the way back from praying my grandfather...

dad: i would love to sent you to america. uni of ohio or michigan

me: (holy crap... this convo AGAIN?)

mom: cant you like do a twinning for your final year or something?

me: no.. not in MMU


me: (because it suck) i got no idea.

sister: you should go since after 3 months, your mother only need support you

mom: so this year you are Xyears old.. so by that time you will b... XX years old. ok la.. still young

me: (i wan get married by then lah) i think i should focus on passing this sem first

dad: the uncle says, you only need rm X a year to survive there. than you can follow him to do some research for NASA or semething

me: ( i wan to fly a plane!!!!!!!) yea yea...

sister: den i could visit you so you can bring me shopping.

later in the evening..

sister: mom, look at your son, go bukit tinggi so far so to eat roti tissue

me: (after explaining my fren misplace keys and all..)

mom: i think he enjoy himself over there. go here and there. and if he go US, he will probably travel all over US.

the moral of the story: try look at ur child's grade 1st before putting high hopes... or in my case, ANY hope.

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