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Saturday, September 22, 2007

from now on...

its been days since my love of my life have been gone to further her studies.i will be patiently waiting over here. yes lots of people doubt it,i mean lots of people doubt long distant relationship, but what ever comment people gave, we shall laugh it off, because nobody knows what WE have. only we know how much we meant for each other.so in other words, i love u and shall b waiting.

while waiting, i will keep on finding jobs so i could visit u 1 day over there.tho i wont promist u tat i would raise enough to go over. but u know am trying right? other than that,i will try to occupy my time with badminton, IF i get the card for the club house.so old man, try get ready mayb?

other than that i will b more focusing on my studies i guess,though i might not seat for the pilot next yaer, or maybe i will. but i guess we never know huh?mayb i will try and get my degree first before start to think of flying. other than that,maybe i will try and help my cousins IF my studies stablize. since my sister will graduate sooon, mayb i will ask my mom for a raise so i can really help those kids with AIDS, u know that right? the child sponser thing.

for raya,mayb i will meet up with rizal, he will b back on the 10th,same day as my final paper, and did tell amar bout the outing too, though he insisted to call that 2, but i guess its gonna be like that night. oh well, ignore that 2, mayb i gonna take the time to catch up with amar and rizal, and also raja they all. a place i could be myself where "insults" are just laughter,other than with u, then i guess maybe with them.

i love u sweetheart..

quote of the day "uncle chan and ethan gonna watch the match tonight at old trafford"

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