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Saturday, September 22, 2007

convo of the week: lesson learnt, my father remembers my lunch

dad: what do u wanna eat for lunch?
me:i dono am still full, i ate pizza for breakfast
dad: ok, do u wanna me to get someone to get the food for u? because i have lots of work today.and will b back late
me: its ok. am still full anyways, and suyin too.
dad: ok den, bye

an hour later...

suyin:what to eat for lunch
me: i dono, dad say he is busy, plus u said u r full just now
suyin: now am hungry! go buy FOOD!
me: no, order Mc d la...
suyin: dowan, not fast food again, my face having pimple
me: up to u lah.. i dowan to eat, am still full
suyin: am frying rice, do you wan?
me:no am full

after frying rice.....

suyin: erm........... (trying to show off with her rice, in an attempt to make me hungry)
*phone received msg*
suyin: u r gf from UK? ( start countin the time zone)
me: here, this is for u

msg said : "have u r own lunch, i will b going for a meeting with a client"

half an hour later.....

dad: julian go down in 5 minutes... i sent someone over to bring food.
me: err.... is he on the way? he food bought d?
dad: yes
me: ok

me: hey, dad bought lunch.
suyin: what the hell?!! i just eaten. do u wan me grow fat?!!
me:suit yourself

after taking food...

me: hey guess wat.. its u r fav food.
suyin: oh NO... i will b fat
me:and i will b eating.
suyin:but....( in the end the pig ate her rice too)

the moral of the story is : you are bound to get free food at home.no matter how busy ur parents are. for sure there will b food on the table.. so much reason to go home every chance i have

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