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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

rambling: old me?

i got a feeling am getting older. i don feel that what the people my age do is FUN anymore. it is sad really. the new age culture and music too i fail to embraced. like hip hop and what ever new age trance music is not to my liking, hang out till late night is not my cup of coffee anymore. this is not very good, as i could stay the whole morning drinking chinese tea at the dim sum stall, instead of spending the whole night till the early hours at mamak or starbucks. instead of reading harry porter, am reading the art of the deal by trump. and instead of watching man u match at the mamak stall and shouting at the top of my voice, i spend watching it with a man double my age.

my mind too keep on thinking and worry all the time.worry bout taking care of others,make other comfortable?sometimes i think what bout me myself?keeping everyone happy what about myself? but that tot seems to go away in a while.

and money too. i mean, people my age would spend it on the latest gadget or just wasted on goin out and have fun. but instead am keeping mine for a car? a house? and i even thinking of unit trust or share market.and every monday will take peak at maritime, the pull out on the star. i mean why the world i would wanna think of business and the market. i mean, who would seat beside their mother on a saturday talking bout air asia shares?

who nags their older sister for wearing mini skirT?or even thinking bout tutoring their cousin who hardly talk to them? or who watches rod steward live in royal albert hall on the dvd and actually can connect to the song and enjoy it much more than wathing 50cent's video with all those girls that cant afford to buy any cloth to put on them on mtv.

is this a goodbye to my youth or am just too tense with the exam coming? i need the time back, where standing at a coffee shop in venice while eating a delightful venitian cake while taking down my expresso, now thats relaxing.

sometimes i do feel whats wrong with me when i cant click with the people , or don find what they do is fun or funny. but than again, this is me so am proud of me. and its for everyone to accept or reject me.

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