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Monday, September 10, 2007

beautiful sunday...the eye on you.

z eye

last sunday was one of those highlighted day ever.. it was BEAUTIFUL.. everything went smoothly.. it all started when i wanted to build lots and lots of fond memories with the one and only ashley before she leave to UK. so i gather all my guts and courage and ask her dad's permission. and to my suprise after an hour or so of heart stopping convo with mr.chin himself, he finally agreed. so amen to that.

in the gondola

by the lake

beautiful negaraku

i was worried that i cant find the way to the eye of malaysia.and to the dinner place. the reason i choose the eye of malaysia is.. its a nice place to go. i mean heck, what better way of speding time with great view of our own metropolitan. right at our very own backyard.tho sadly we hav to share our gondola with other ppl.. but its all good.. the lil baby inside was our entertainment. i do hope she would think of me when she sees the eye of london.

anyways.. since its been awhile since i been to istana budaya.. was a bit nervous with the heavy traffic, with mr. chin giving limits till9 pm. so i don wanna get lost and find the way, because it will b just a waste of time then. i went on9 and drew up the map.

YuRiTei restaurant

after the eye, we went to klpac. lots of question mark arise when i say klpac. i went everyone go there to watch plays. and on that day, apprrently, there are no plays playing. thus it was a bit quiet. well, i discover this jap restaurant by the lake when i 1st been there. it was at night, and before the play started, me and my fren dharmik decide to take a tour of the place, hence we found the place,than i told myself "this would b and ideal place to bring someone special". and taking in calculation that ashley love her jap good, thus it equal to a big smile on her face which made my day.

most fav pic: the oc

Teriyaki Ramen


nice interior huh?

a peacuful and quiet place, away from crowd

beautiful ppl


Wai Luen said...

last pic.....

beauty and the beast.


julian said...

u calling her ungly old man? tak puas ar now?