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Sunday, September 2, 2007

merdeka weekends..

a long weekends as friday is an off day due to merdeka, tho in julian's world. friday is always an off day. hehehehe.. anyways.. been to lots places than noramally do go on weekends. well, to start things off, went to kajang with kean and pei se. stopped at kajang ktm komuter station with kean as kean is goin back to Perlis.tho its a very very LONG way for him as his bus is 30minutes past midnight. kajang hav change A LOT! even the route to the town have now changed, and there are tolls and all.. its been a while since i come though, since the house have been rented out for years. as i arrived bangsar lrt, to my suprise there are no taxi available. and no taxi wanted to stop, even to mat saleh. in the end i got fed up of waiting and walk to ashley's house. hang in the garden as her dad is resting due to his injury till my sis come and pick me up with my cousin, who i bull that i will b back LATE! later that night, went to pick my cousin's parent at the Gombak toll. Kl city was really packed, and around 11++ the road at Jalan Kuching come to a stand still as there are Merdeka celebration. everyone practically left their car and go for a walk around. it was chilly tho. very cold and lots and lots of Mat rempit carrying jalur gemilang. the jam was not cleared till 2am. too bad the next morning they all need to get up early for my cousin's paino graduation.
friday was really really slow for me.woke up LATE, not my usual time.around 10.30. yes thats late for me. nobody was home, my sister follow my uncle and cousin and their family to Shereton,subang fot the graduation and my bro go see his golf coach. just me and my parents. i do feel like am the only child.after bumming and watch tv, i did my assignment. till lunch time i went to watch tv and eat and sleep. like a pig i tell u. that night my parents went our with my dad's old fren from US. so me and my siblings take my uncle and his family out for dinner. at some chinese restaurant. glady, my fussy uncle is please with the food. later in the night, dena called as she finished her prom which i hav a strong feeling she went with raja. so both of them picked me up at my place then we went to parisha's to pick her up. apparently ranpreet is at chilis with her frens from HELP. we went to picked up maan before joining them at chillis.so it just me dena,parisha and raja at the table as ranpreet and gurdip went to socialize with HELP ppl. the orginal plan is just for HIGH and MIGHTY pie.. instead.. some PPL order el-nino.and yes it does get my temperature running like el-nino. a mix of tequila, orage juice and some other thing in this HUGE cup.. and yes, i been forced to drink that horrible drink. after feeling a lil tipsy.. we went to bum in front of la bodega, and in the end i sleep a bit at the exhibition place in bsc, they have nice sofa there ok.. went to wash my face. so i supppose to go back home, instead dena come out with 1 briliant plan to climb into school and check out our old school. cant really blame that twisted child, as ppl break OUT of school instead of IN. btw we din do it as we think is a dumb idea, except dena and gurdip disagree. so we all went to nirwana instead. raja and ranpreet join us later as they wanted to take the midnight stroll, or raja just wanna show ranpreet how to stay in shape. went home around 1 after playing a prank on roshan's car. went home and did my assignment. slept off around 3?
saturday went to mid V. we walked for about 6 hours there..very very very tiring. but den again, as a host. tons of people at mid v as its the mega sale.took a while to even get a parking. and even the eating place have long queue. luckily at Lil penang, there is this 1 last table left. so we ate there. and i went to see ashley for a while at jusco as she was shopping with her mom at the same time. and hav this lil conversation with mrs chin. she was nice, but my heart stop beating as i was very very very nervous. we went to ss2 for dinner instead of klang. ate yong to fu. and ashley was there too!! fated i tell u.
sunday morning have to wake up early for some bak kut teh. tho its not my favourite food in the world, i guess i have to bend again, and just stuffed that pork into my mouth. went to see the house and wow, the jusco there is HUGE, apparently biggest in south east asia. went on kesas highway, and it make me ponder on lots of things.. if only i have a car, yeah, i would like to roam around and go whenever i want. got everyone doukin doughnut at the petrol station. sent them off after lunch.. den i watch bourne ultimetum. nice thiking show.went to pasar malam with ashley.. spend a lovely time.. and got b'day party there too..so its NOISY. we went grocery shoppin, a bit as my mom asked me get stuff, we are so like husband and wife.. yup thats my weekend.
just arrived as ranpreet's dad send us to cyberia.haveing class soon, i guess i will pack my class again today.. from 9 am till...?3 more days till thursday!

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