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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

love in the air

earlier in the evening, as i was walking to buy my nasi lemak for my dinner, i saw my ex class mate, siew fai with his girlfriend which i dono her name. but they seem really really sweet. though am not close to siew fai, but clearly can c that he is damn happy, heard some story that he try really hard for this girl and his presistance and resistence finaly pays off. so kudos to him.

its amazing how the power of love can effect someone. let it be a him or her. i mean when u found that someone special. you just cant help but carving a smile on your face. heck, your family or friends might think that u are crazy for smiling all alone and all the sudden. but deep down, u yourself know who you are thinking of. the power of love make u feel a certain kinda of happiness that u can never feel before. its different with family love, nobody cant describe how it feel unless that person feel it him/her self.

when u in love too u feel like u are floating on the air, when u can make that special someone smile,laugh, basically happy. happy because of u. you can find youself doin the silliest thing,like rushing out to the nearest 7 11 just to get phone credit in the middle of the night, just to cheer the special someone up as he/she have a bad day.you also might find yourself in not the best position, like eating with someone that u don really fancy, just to NOT ruin the day for him/her. you also might find u r self wanting to change for them. like girls who rarely wear skirt wanting to look all feminine for him, or he who always think of himself before this, started to give in to charity as her kind-ness have brushes off to him.

for me personally, the beauty of a relationship is the ammout of effort both male and female put in to make the relationship work.i guess, its important that both party wanting to be together and willing to work things out, no matter what is the situation or the condition. like the song.. "come what way".with both side wanting to be with each other, thus it build a strong foundation which is equal to a strong foundation. the reason why i say thats the beauty part of a relationship because, when both side are equally commited,both side with compliment each other in giving in, sacrifice, patient, tolerence and all that. so both of them have each other back and support each other.now thats love..

Why do birds suddenly appear

Every time you are near?

Just like me, they long to be

Close to you.........

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