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Sunday, January 6, 2008

2008 forewords

So the this is the new year huh? its been very pack for me. I mean, my new year don’t start how like I wish it was. Think bout it, on new year day u are sending the one you love to the airport and not being able to see or talk 2 her for a very VERY long time. And at the same day, I’ve returned to my studies as I need to prepare for my finals.

But, the dust have been settled yesterday as my exam ended. And here I am, blogging after sending my roommate downstair to his family and soon, my house is leaving for Port Dickson for a class reunion. The house is really quiet right now. I gotta wait till 11 maybe as my dad was up for the Man U game, which I choose to miss. They won 2-0 anyways.

New year brings new idea and new resolution and lots other new thing come along. Some people say, let go of the past and embrace the new thing that the new year have to offered. BUT, I still want to keep some of the thing from last year. Especially Ashley. Even if long distant is very hard, but nothing is hard when both of US willing to work at it right? Other than that, I also would like to keep my friends. From the bukit pantai days to BB to MMu. Those from school, I know we hardly meet up as lots of us are scattered all over the place, but as long as we remember each other but at the same time not to forget ourself, then its fine. As for MMU, I know there is more drama all around with everyone more than the one in the show (tai cheong gum) Jewel in the Palace. Which was set during the Korean imperial age, where there are lots of back stabbing among the gundik. Or for those who din watch the show, the drama here can be equivalent to The Bold and Beautiful. Get the picture?

Oh well, that’s all I guess for my 2008 opening. Happy new year everyone, hope all of u have the best years ahead. God bless..

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