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Saturday, December 29, 2007


everyone or maybe i should not generalise it, but most people i know will fall in love with the place that they went. especially the first place that they went, on a long journey, the first long hauled plane ride they went.

the first person that told me how much they love the place that they went was Dharmik, when he went to Australia for the first time, its his first long trip. long holiday. and i still remember what he said and i quote "its so lovely i wish to stay there" and also ashley says how much she love canada, as lots of sweet memories she had there at pegion moutain, and how amazing the first feel of snow. am not suprise IF its the first long trip raja took to new zealand now and he will say how beautiful the place is and all. and i will b waiting to hear all the stories as all these stories, others experience can b useful to myself too, if am lucky enough to visit next time.

as for me personally, this year's trip, well was beautiful. as usual i was not that excited before the flight and during the trip. typical me not appreciatiing the moment. but i kinda love it at Italy. beautiful people, nice town, scenery, weather, the whole 9 yard. although it is one of the place that i would love to visit one day, i mean watching italian football and eating italian food, italian fashion on tv, and music.. heck, i can say i love it there. so am thankful for 2007 for the trip to Europe.

no matter how much i love it over there. at the same time i do still love Malaysia. after all, home is where the heart is right? i love the places that i visited in Malaysia, Penang is particular with the beaches and food. and not forgetting my dear hometown in Kelantan. even if the place is not that develop, heck it have a special place is my heart. of course there no megamall or beatuful beaches like in Terrenganu or cleaner and well kept like Terrengganu, it still my home after all. the 3 trips to Terrengganu/Kuantan this year was a nice too and of course lots of wonderful memories too. its too bad really i am gonna give the trip to Mout Kinabalu next year a miss due to classes.

the reason why i thinking of all this is when i saw the news bout ANC earlier. of course its some political party in south africa, but then again, for me, can be Astro Nature Circle too. a society that i joined in Melaka Campus. kinda bring me back on how those meetings where everyone suppose to create a circle during committee meeting. and some meeting till late night at the ClC concourse. some might think , is Julian missing Melaka?mayb my frens Andre and Vicki was right, Melaka is a place to visit for 1 day or 2 but never a place to stay. no offense but its kinda boring.

as we all bidding goodbye to 2007, there are still few things that i cant let go. like flying. maybe travelling will heal it. seeing and experience new things certainly a wonderful experience. visiting different places with different people certainly bring different dimension to the experience. i mean even if i stay in Kl for most of my life, i still wont know where to get the best mee goreng right? after all visitng places DOES open our eyes to new things

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Anonymous said...

First few days...
I totally fell in love with NZ...
The weather... everything... it was just too perfect...
But then... by day 5, i bloody hell missed Chinese food!!!
Tak kisah la halal or tak... hentam only...!!!
Damn... how to go overseas and study like this, tell me???
Other than food... NZ was just beautiful... and still is (cause I'm still here btw)
Happy New Year!!!

-raja a.k.a bob-