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Thursday, December 6, 2007

200th post! and suprise b'day part 2


the gan cousin celebrating b'day

the gan's cake

tan"tai lo" kean

group pic after cake fight


out of the pool

i swear he wrestle before

as the night as i tought to be over, i got a call from pei se, to ask go do assignment and all the group members already there, so i got no choice but to go.i do smell something fishy as i went to the house and nobody open the door, and suddenly they wan me to go to the pool side, i already know whats waiting.

as i try to bargain with them so i don need to be thrown into the pool, yee kean sudddenly rushed to me and give some wrestling hold, which i cant do anything much bout it. thus the rest appraoch me to get my valueble out so it wont be damanged in the water. too bad for them, the guards are there, thus they need to rush as fast as possible after dropping me. while hiding, the cakes arrive., and the " pull the candle out by ur mouth" trickbeen used. i never expect the cake is just a bait, as its just cake make out of cream, icing. and the whole icing throwing happen.with my nose full of icing, and also my shirt and pants and shoes. am all covered with the icing. it does feel like u got a flu when all those icing up ur nostrol. and icing + eye, can be quite sting-y.

i went to wash up, after done throwing icing and also taking pics. its kinda a hard work washing all those icing out. especially with icing in my shoe- the next morning, i saw my shoe full of ants as it dry my shoe. do feel a bit sleepy after bathe, i guess its a bit cold. but the night is still young they say. they wanted to go makan, and we went to "gasoline". its like a bistro kinda thing near south city plaza. it was my first time there.

there have the heavenly baked chocolate indulgence waiting for my me. they decide to to celebrate pei se's b'day too as its already almost 12 and her b'day on the 5th.after makan, went to kim's and eric's place to share out the bill. from kicking the ball around the living room, one thing lead to another, and they end up playing blackjack. for me, i was asleep till they woke me up at 4am to go back.

what a day.how nice it would be if its my b'day everyday. its nice to have your friends and family to celebrate it for u. 2 more b'day to go i guess..den only i can finally say i celebrate with everyone i wanted.although the one that u wan to celebrate with is not here, i guess its like the saying goes, God close the door for u, but open a window for you. thus, i would like to thank individualy those who make this b'day a memorable one. my cousins, aunty and uncle and my family who celebrate it at Terengganu, my ashley, who celebrate with me on9, my friends from school, who suprise me, from dena, vicki, ranpreet,gurdip and gulpreet. and also not to forget my MMU's classmate and friends, wai luen,yee kean, juan jie, pei se, kwek, kim, yin fung, eric, jansen,kean kong, kok jin, kelvin, meiseim, kah kean, and kawai. sorry if i miss out anyone. also thanks for the b'day wishes thru sms, friendster or facebook. thank u again everyone.

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Kim said...

happy birthday!