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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

eve- thats hot!

for the eve dinner, was at the hilton. my turn to choose on where to eat and i gladly say, it was spot on as everyone thinks the food was good and fresh. so it was my family, one of my cousin and joined by Uncle Ooi and his girlfriend. they have the train set at the lobby, which is HUGE! i mean HUGE! its a double deck track and the width of the whole thing is like mayb 50+ meter?
anyways, it occupied a huge potion of the lobby

and den........... the eating begins.. FOOD!!, how i love the sound of that. various cusine, from tradtional western with the turkey and ribs,malaysia with the likes of satay, indian, with tandoori's japs, with sushi, and also chinese with some chinese veg,seabus and also comtemperary dish like choco fountain, prawn cocktail and etc, nice buffet :D

the blardi hell moment of the day was, when i was tricked into taking one of the cocktail shot. its a bloddy merry and it comes with oyster in it. my cousin and Uncle Ooi's gf says it was good, and as a guess i expect her to be the last person who trick me. the blardi think taste like fish water!!! and am suppose to drink it like a shot after chewing the lemon grass. argh! maybe for both of them, it tasted good, but i certainly DO NOT enjoy it. anyways, there is always good old satay and the peanut gravy to overcome the awful taste.

after dinner around 1030, went to the lobby as there is a choir with a panist there.watch them sing and everyone started to clap and sing along.

finnally arrived home just in time for the gifts!, just before the stroke of midnight around 1130 :D

*present present present, present present present, sing with me now... present present present *

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