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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i'll be home for Christmas

the making..

the video..

christmas certainly have a certain meaning to everyone, other than celebrating the birth of Jesus, there lots of other reason too for the chirstmas celebration. maybe for some, christmas have been comercialise, or some might think, " hey am not christian, so i don celebrate it"

but for me personally, the true meaning of christmas is the gathering. its similar to the Chinese New Year's eve dinner, but for me Christmas is more to the smaller scale,as in it don't involve ALL the uncle and aunty, mostly its just my family, without the extended one.

i think the video describe Christmas very well, i mean, if u watch the video above, on how the boy run to the father, and gave him a HUGE hug.. don that just touch your heart? i mean, if that don moved you, den i dono what will. although the video, its about the soilder coming back, arent we similar? i mean, as we grow, there some of our family or siblings, might leave the hse to further their study, or work. i mean, people leave their house and at this particular time, during the holiday season, everyone just gather again, after being FAR apart for long. don that just make u smile? when u saw the one that u love and care, right in front of u, not through the screen on the computer or the picture that we hav in our wallet.

one year i remembered, after our christmas dinner, i was told "if when am no longer here, you all must gather among yourself, no matter how busy you are because...... you are all family". am sure everyone have someone special in their heart, let it be girlfriend/boy friend, family, best friend, that we want to see badly but don't have the oppurtunity, so as a suggestion, how bout take the chance during christmas to take time no matter how mafan it is to travel, to see maybe that person or all the person that YOU wanna c.

being away this christmas and havent bought any gift yet, i would like to take the chance to apologise if i am a bit rushing to get everything done as soon as possible and in the process might offend anyone or i might not make time to celebrate any b'days or gathering or just to hang, as i am rushin to get my revision done and also assignment.i hope everyone would understand, as Christmas is one of my favourite yime of the year, i might sound selfish here, but i guess, i have my priority, which is my family.

am dreaming tonight of a place I love

Even more than I usually do

And although I know it's a long road back

I promise you

'll be home for Christmas

You can count on me

*you'll be home for christmas, thinking bout it make my heart sing*

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