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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

suprise b'day part 1

its been a quite unexpected b'day this year. although the initial plan was at Hard Rock with my family as i was impressed with the one at Rome.as they are very busy as they are preparing their trip to Shanghai and brother at Johor working plus my sister just start new job, i guess they are kinda busy. so i guess, i shall not suggest it. as my trip from Terengganu was exhausting. and need to get up at 5am to get the train to cyberjaya for class.. so its kinda very tiring b'day morning for me. thus, i went home to rest my eyes. as i was kinda tired to do any celebration plus i know, most of my friends are still broke anyways.

at 6p.m a mosquito named "ranpreet" called.to ask to go for a drink. as i was so tired i was reluctant to move my heavy butt off the bed. but she said she already at my door ringing the bell.. but to my suprise there 4 others that i din expect to show up. vicki leong who suppose to be working, dena who just finished stpm gurdip who just done with A levels and also her sister.

it was sweet of them to visit me during my b'day.really. i mean how many people would drive almost 40 km plus or half and hour- 45 minutes drive to spend b'day with a friend who they hardly see for ages. but oh well, like the saying goes.. a friend in need is a fren in deed. so being the normal crazy and noisy gang.. crazy as in good crazy.we went on a road trip around putrajaya as we are find our way to Alamanda.lots of turns, wrongs one, lots of honking too and bumper crash. and of course lots of laughter.its nice to have the old faces again, and the familiar laughter.

had Mc d for dinner. till vicki and dena was supposedly went "toilet". they took damn long and i do smell something fishy. so i was proven right as dena said to meet at the park. there i saw dena and vic seating at the secret receipi. the joke was when they oder, vicki said " tunggu 4 perempuan india dan satu budak cina pakai baju kuning" as they wan to wait till i arrive only to serve the cake. according to dena, the way she said it was like some ah long. anyways.. lots of pic been taken-camwhores. as walk around alamanda, to sum up a wonderfuly suprisingly night with sweet friends like this. who need enemy rite? and yes.. goin out with a group of girls, am not suprise if we stop to a women's shop. they stop at elianto where i got my finger painted.

on the way back to cyberjaya, we admire the beautiful bridge while findin the way back. so i would like to take this oppurtunity to thank vicki leong, dena, ranpreet, gurdip and her sister, gulpreet( i think). the feeling at that time i shall describe is a "touched". so thank u again u guys.

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